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The Four Cardinal Sins
Hukka Smoking tobacco, and all other intoxicants
Hajamat Cutting, plucking, surgically removing, dying/bleaching hair. Defacing
body by piercing or tattooing.
Halalo Eating meat, fish and eggs
Haram Adultery and sexual relationships outside of marriage

By using tobacco, all good deeds are destroyed and the person will suffer for a long time in hell. A Gursikh will rather die than touch tobacco. If a Gursikh comes into contact with anything containing tobacco, for example, cigarettes, cigars, paan, charas, pipes, they
must wash their hands with soap at least five times.Then they must purify their Kesh,body and clothes by bathing.

Meat, all forms of intoxicants (including tobacco, ganja/cannabis and alcohol),wearing of hats and doing the pretense of rubbing soil on the body. A Singh with excellent rehat doesn’t associate with people who are engrossed in these sinful habits." (Rehatnama Bhai Desa Singh Jee, 148)

"Those that consume even a minuscule amount of tobacco are disowned in the afterlife by their ancestors and drinking water from such a person is similar to drinking alcohol. By drinking alcohol seven generations are exterminated and by consuming Bhang/marajuana the body is destroyed. The person who consumes tobacco exterminates one hundred generations and many generations go to hell because of gossiping." (Sri Gur Partap Suraj, Rit 5, ansoo 29, volume 13)

Therefore in Gurmat the use of tobacco is strictly forbidden and it should not be touched/used even by mistake. Other religions have also forbade the use of tobacco, a Hindu Puran tells Hindus how to restrain from tobacco in the following way:
"The Brahmin that consumes tobacco is donated charity by others. Those that give charity to such a person
Go to hell and the Brahmin becomes a pig."(Skandh Purana, Dh. 52, Salok 52)

The person, who uses tobacco and then gives charity to Brahmins, goes to Rorve Hell and the Brahmin who receives this charity becomes a pig, cleaning dirty drains and going through many hells.

Satguru has made the use of tobacco a cardinal sin. You are not to eat with or marry your children into the families of those that consume, smoke or use tobacco.

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It is sin.

history and its use is the large question.

I know what you mean !!

Because tobacco was popular until early 19th centrury until harmful and toxic effects were discovered.

Tobacco was even prescribed by doctors for asthma and breathing conditions in Europe.

The use of tobacco in india had only started some where near 1700's

However, Guru ji had forbidden it before any other religion and before the harmful effects where ever discovered or reported.

All that I can think is that Guruji was aware that there were no medicinal benefits of this but it was also difficult to label it as an intoxicant since it's effects are not as straightforward as alcohol and bhang.

However, I'm sure that after being introduced to india by the Portuguese, tobacco was popular with the moghuls.

And Guruji could see that it wasn't giving them any benefits and the work put into cultivating it was not giving any nutritional value to anyone.

I'm sure that Guruji could sense that there was no beneficial positive of this plant.

Maybe he foresee the harmful and toxic effects, and therefore Forbid the Sikhs to use it.!!!

I'm not too sure, because with history and dates it doesn't add up quite strongly.

On the other hand, ''Betel leafs'' or ''paan'' chewing was popular and widely practiced in India.

Guruji's had already stated in shabads that chewing these was like decorating your body with colours because it gave no improvement of benefit.

Maybe, he knew that the nicotine of no use was in the paan and in the tobacco.

OR was it because he could see all the muslims using tobacco were not getting enlightened or spiritual in any way!!!!!!

The tobacco and Sikhs issue does baffle and surprise many historians, because they can't understand HOW Guruji forbid it at a time when cultivating and using it was becoming popular.

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