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  1. Yes, you do have to stay in hotel after having covid test when landing(airport). It has to be Airport hotel and you must book and pay for 3 nights even though most people are out by the 2nd day. Cost of $1500 per person.
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but removing beard was the easiest choice for him. I, and many other sikhs don't accept that it was his only choice. His beard was tied and could easily be covered with larger clothing remaal/bandana. I've seen doctors wear a rumaal type tie in addition to smaller medical np95 mask covering nose and mouth. Their mouth and nose are covered along with mustache beard area as well. Sorry to say, but it seems like misguiding message to put out in the world. Any Docs.surgeons who know something that i may be ignorant to; the please let me know.
  3. That probably applies to Alberta or Ontario, but BC is completely different. The way apnay are, varies depending on generations. The older generations faced a lot of ish with ku klux klan which many people aren't aware of.
  4. True. The Vancouver/Surrey area is completely different.
  5. No such thing as death. the jeev just leaves the temporary house. Human body=ghar(house)
  6. I also commend you for posting this. I may occasionally browse this forum but rarely participate due to the behavior and attitudes of forum members.
  7. Classic! You cracked me up with these, especially the hard plastic sole chappal. Man, I honestly thought I came from a dysfunctional family! I tell my kids about my shitthar and that I remember counting to myself that I never went a full week without any. At least 3 times a week i'd get the chappal. Used to get the cane at school, then come home with a message from head teacher that he wanted to see my parents, ... then on top of this, i'd get more shitthar at home for getting caned at school. Double whammy man. My goray classmates were shocked when they heard about my 2nd beating and used to feel sorry for me. Yeh, I remember wanting an Atari. "Chack ke theray sirch marnaa" " tenu mehn dindi atari, dadhay magona. Parnaa née, game'ah khelniyaa....lokah dehn nianay barhay sonay kehnay lagday". Then she'd rant on about so and so's child's who was such a good boy and held is mothers hand everywhere he went. Truth was we knew as kids that so and so's kid was a c*nt and mega bull$hitter. Also a sore looser in playground games like tag.
  8. Don't get tied up in the rosary. It's about "applying" the rosary to JAP. Jap is all about getting ONE-POINTED attention to Waheguru. "Ik-mann Ik chit"
  9. Surrey BC or near surrounding areas would be your best bet. I reckon the ratio of sikh sardar's to a brown face is the highest. BTW. I came from UK after checking out Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal.
  10. I thought that bamboo was ideal?
  11. If you look closely at Anand sahib, you should notice that the first 5 pauris are in a different context to the 35 that follow. The first 5 are about the bliss and celebration of meeting Waheguru as a result of doing bhagti and tuning into the anhad.
  12. The shabad has to be looked at as a whole with the tuks that proceed. There are a few important messages in the shabad and they don't demean ancient texts written thousands of years ago. This shabad's important message is "chutah joh na bicharey"... To understand the context, you have to meditate/contemplate this shabad deeply. Spend some time on it and I would be more than willing to work through it with you so that you end up with a more truthful understanding. Few points to consider is that - Kabir ji is addressing this to the mullah,...He's not addressing the wisdom of the texts, but the practice and vichaar of the people...
  13. OBE's are on low vibration realms and can't lead to enlightenment imho. "Consciousness expansion" is the way to go, where one can be here and somewhere else as well. When dasam duar opens, it is not an OBE.
  14. My understanding is that It's your 'consciousness', not the soul that leaves when sleeping. This consciousness is enveloped in the body of mind which itself is in the play of maya.. Bani says "mann tu jyot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan" Once you can still your mind so that it sees your own jyot(Prakash), then you are in touch with your soul/atma. This is your mool that comes from Paramatma (atma) I know it's confusing, but I did do a detailed post somewhere with many references to gurbani so that it was a little clear to differentiate.
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