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Can someone please shed some light on this?

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Ravi Singh from Khalsa Aid posted this status:

Sangat Ji. I had a call today from one of the Singhs who along with several other Singhs is locked up for the Leicester incident.

His asked me to ask you all to do an Ardas for them as they will appear in court on Friday for sentencing.

Please DON'T make any comment about the case! Please feel free to leave a message of support.

It was good to hear from the Singh , he told me that they are all in CHARDI KALAN !!"

Can someone please shed some light on what is going on for the sangat who live outside of the UK and are unaware? Why are our Singhs in jail in the UK? Has something been happening at the protests?

Bhul Chuk Maaf

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Not from that, either from the brar attack or the attack on that Muslim store.

Edit: "

Today 6 young Sikh men were imprisoned for 2 years each at Leicester Court :

Their " crime " was to smash a nasty paedo ring and smashed a few faces in the process.


T'was that then I guess.

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    • Why not ask him ?ūü§∑ūüŹĹ
    • because like USA we have had the slow-witted whipped up into a racist frenzy by the words of the 'leader'¬† of the current government. Basically we are all cursed by the¬† anglosaxon thickness driving the agenda , they think they are a pure white nation under white genocide its laughable but dangerous.
    • Its because theres selfhate in the Punjabi community. Theyll accept the attention of others over their own support
    • Why are these kinds of things always happening in the UK, which has such a large Sikh presence?
    • my parents' generation and my grands generations would have given 'what for ' to anyone disrespecting sikhi, females , family institutions¬† and interfering with their sikhi , I myself fought to keep the whiteys and kaley at bayand their influence¬† but my kid bro and sis are not so bothered defending sikhi , the bro just younger than me is stubbornly sikh in look and behaviour in that he will not trim or allow his kids to trim kesh or allow anyone to talk ish about sikhi even if he is not a gurdwara goer , his Indian 'Rani'(as he refers to her is always on at trying to remove the kids' kesh and dastars which he gives her the big NO!)Thankfully because she has some sikhi awareness she has the mistrust of musley , gorey¬† , sis and her hubby are typical punjabi couple more invested in gaane shaane than sikhi but they are learning , kid bro looks the sikh¬† biz as does his wife but they are major coconuts and look down on everyone else in family as we do not fit their narrow judgey ideas about sikhi¬† but they would be easy to roll over on their prejudices if we were gorey, kaley sikhs¬† where everything is maaf . Remember that yoga ashram in Germany that did mool mantar flooring install on a staircase , rest of family agreed was terrible and needed sorting straight away them two did even bat an eyelid 'it's OK it's because they didn't know ' well the accompanying press release by the owners stated that they knew how important and holy it was that's why they installed it .... Need some major anti-cocnutting strategy of our youth to survive this constant dripdripdrip erosion of sikh values ...
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