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~~Help! Hospital,gurmat Radio, Gursikhi Prachar~~

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa

Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

Dear Sadh Sangat Ji,

Thanks for helping me with my last gupt post....( Help! My Life, Naam Kamai And Gur Sikhi Prachar )

With the Grace of Guru Sahib ji , i have decided to do SEVA and help SIKHS living in Remote Areas of Rajasthan (Pakistan Border Area) India and SIKHS living along with Ghaghar River....


We will need Support and Fundraising help from Sikh Sangat.

The Ghaghar River flows through Rajasthan's Sri Ganganagar District towards Pakistan. This river is named Ghaghar River because it was use to flow like A women wearing Skirt doing Whirly dance. Water spins very fast due to whirly effect and it starts cutting the soil/ shores and many kilometres long land will suddenly get sunk into river water.

Story of this Area :

It is said that one day Dasven Patshah Dhan Dhan Sti Guru Gobind Singh ji was going through this area with his Sikhs. Guru ji and sikhs started to cross the Ghaghar river in Bedis and 40 Sikhs of Guru ji stuck in the Ghumangheri (swirling water), sunk, and died. This happened between two places known as Malla Tibba and Jhanda Tibba.

Guru ji then gave Shrap to the Ghaghar river that - O River You will Dry one day, my Sikhs will come here, they will Rip your chest and they will do khethi ( farming) on your chest.

River asked in reply Sachhe patshah when i will flow again. Guru ji said you will flow very occasionally.

Since after that many Sikhs settled in this area and started doing farming Inside and along the river.

I was born and grown in this area. I have seen countless number of farms ( even many villages) are actually inside the river flow area ( or between both shores of the river)

When heavy rain comes in Punjab , they put excessive water into Ghaghar river ( it happens 2-3 times in every 5-7 years) and it supplies minerals and water for farming properties in the river.

This area is Mini Punjab of Rajasthan. Coz it gives a big amount of crops (Wheat, Cotton, Mustard, Pulses, etc.), fruits like orange, sugar cans and other things to Whole Rajasthan.

Sadly - There is NO GOVERNMENT SUPPORT to this area, no facilities, not very good hospitals, not good education, bad roads, even not enough volume of water is supplied trough Farming Canals due to Politics of Rajasthan government. This area is self developed by local people.

When farmers put their seeds in their fields, government cuts down the water supply form many days to months.

About Sikhs living in the Area and common issues:

Most Sikhs are farmer. There is no Gur Sikhi Prachar in the Area, Most Sikhs have forgotten their real Values and going on the path of Patit Puna. Don’t ask about Young Generation. There is Theka (bottle shop) in every small village. But this area is far away from big intoxications / drugs.

Killing of Unborn Daughters in Sikh Families is very common in this area.

Rude culture / DAWRY system - Grooms Family asking for Meat, Chickens, Branded Wines, Car/Motorbikes, Cash and arrangements of Female Dancers is very common.


  • There is a big need of Gur Sikhi Prachar and to develop personal links with Sikhs in the area.
  • There is a big demand for a good Hospital. Closet good hospital with emergency facilities PMB (prince bijaysingh memorial) hospital, Bikaner. Which is 163kms away from Gharsana, 186kms from Anupgarh. Distance calcution Source: http://www.distances...sana/164793/r3/
  • Sikh Awareness.

Our project (currently on rough paper) :

Stage #1

1. Starting a Good Hospital:

  • Mothers & chalderns - priority
  • Emergency facilities - priority
  • Aged and Youth - secondary

2. Guru Ghar and Gurmat Prachar center:

  • Organizing Gurmat Samagams and Amrit sanchars
  • Build a team and organize personal link with Sikhs in area( hear problems and seek solutions)
  • Preparing teams tyar bartyar Young Gur Sikhs for prachar
  • Preparing Gur Sikhs to help in project
  • Sikh Awareness – against Pakhandi Saaadhs/gurus, against intoxications,
  • Sikh school & Taksaal ( inside Guru Ghar) for Gurmat Education, Santhya and kiratan learning for FREE

Stage #2

3. Gurmat FM Radio Station:

a. Setup a Gurmat FM Radio Station

b. Broadcasting Gurbani, Kiratan , Katha and Katha done by Giani Thakur Singh ji ( DDT) and / or similar level katha to preach the message and values given by Guru ji

c. distribute free FM radio receivers ( pre programed to receive only Gurmat Radio )

d. Sikh Awareness

4. Scheduled Monthly Samagams:

  • Helping poor Sikh families and organizing Sikh marriage samagams
  • Inviting various Raagi/keertani Jathas, Pracharks/kathavachaks , Dhadhi Jathas in every Samagam
  • Amrit Sanchar & Naam Kamai, Gurmat Smagams
  • Akhand Paaths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Stage #3

5. Helping locals facing Water and Irrigation problems:

  • Helping locals by Organizing Underground Water bore wells.
  • For areas with Salty and Undrinkable water : Organizing Free Akhand Paaths and or Sri Sukhamni Sahibs, doing Ardaas and then arranging Underground Water bore wells .

6. Free Surgery Camps:

  • Free Surgeries such as Eye, Dental, etc... Camps.


Location will be either Gharsana or Anupgarh or in between (Sri Ganganagar District, Rajasthan, India)

Covered Area:

(Sri Ganganagar District)

  • Gharsana and rural
  • Anupgarah and rural
  • Ramsingh pur
  • Sri Vijaynagar and villages around
  • Suratgarh and villages around
  • Raisingh nagar and rural
  • Padampur and surrounding area

Some areas of Chhatargarh (Bikaner District)


Approximate: US $ 450,000

Sources of Donation:


Local Sikh sangat

Online donations (for hospital)

Crowd funding


Money collected trough personal links, Gurmat samagam


There is good prasang

I cant remember which Paatsahi ( i think Patsahi 6) had a group of 1000 Sikhs. Whenever a Sikh wanted to build a house , Guru ji and sadh sangat will go to that Sikh's house and sadh sangat will give him 1 rupee and 1 brick , thus that Sikh will have 1000 Rupees and 1000 bricks to build his house.

So please help ! Send your comments, suggetions about this project. Tell us how we can improve and fundraise.


Tehsilwise Map:


Road Map:


Sex Ratio Map (See Sri Gaganagar District)


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    • Yh that annoyed me when I saw it at the fort at anandpur sahib. Why would a 17th century fort have a khanda on it lol. I think older generation wouldn't be happy with a lot of puratan stuff. Sikh leaders in the last century almost became bhramin phobic and any practise or tradition which remotely reminded them of hinduism they wiped it out.  Its one of the reasons why dasam bani got shoved to the side.  Just like how the post that I posted about mansha singh, about him lighting jot at harmandir sahib and then sikhs questioning it because it's a bhaman practise.  The war banners of the khalsa army during majaraja ranjit singhs time used to have kali mata and other war goddesses on it, imagine bringing that back today! It would cause a riot lmao.  Couple of years back old wall paintings at tarn taran darbar sahib of hindu mythology were whitewashed and painted over with sikh ithiaasic scenes.  My told me that in the local gurdwara when she was a kid they used to have a shankh shell in the gurdwara.  These images were symbols of war, nothing more.  Not that your average sikh cared, but leaders didnt want sikhi to be seen as a sect of hindu dharam  which is understandable especially with all the events in the first half of the last century.  Theres even a sikh flag from maharaja ranjit singhs time with hanuman on it. But younger people are less "insecure" about these things.  
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