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    • That's one leap in logic I'm struggling to comprehend. What are the Sikh contributions that are currently making society a fairer place? How are we any different to any other in demographic in practice as opposed to theory? Facts, please, not emotionally driven rhetoric.
    • Its paap like these that india still has the misfortune of 2 nasty neighbors china and pak , and also now nepal .  and a corrupt political system which hinders its growth while china due to its one party system grows leap and bounds and now china threatens india's takht by intrusion at LAC.
    • She is a well known agent provocateur who goes to Sikh protests and uses carefully cut footage to show Sikhs as extremists. She is a Hindu Punjabi so that should tell us a lot. She is full of hatred for Sikhs. She went and took photos of one of the Gurdwaras in Slough which display Khalistan slogans and complained to the charity commission about them. This is a video from a few years ago and it shows here being handed back her backside by Sikhs. You can see that she has some handlers with her one of whom tries to call out the Singhs claiming 'Main vi Sardar hain, Main Jat hain' what a total wally, a cut hair midget claiming to be a Sikh and a Jat! The Singhs really gave her an experience none of these sell out fascist Hindu journalists ever get because they are used to being shown respect even though they just spread anti-Sikh propaganda. She and her handlers were shoved out and even the police joined in shoving her out. It's funny when one of the protestors shouts out " She's a terrorist!"  Enjoy  
    • Honestly if this stops the disgraceful scenes that we saw in 2014 and a few years later when videos of Sikhs fighting each other with kirpans and knocking of dastars are avoided then taking away their kirpans is probably a good thing. What a massive publicity coup the id.iots of Mann Dal and Dal Khalsa and the other paper tigers provided for the Indian govt. This was a occasion when Sikhs should have been solemnly commemorating the murder by the India states of Sikh men, women and children but all the world saw was some hotheads fighting among themselves. Honestly, what would any sensible non-Sikh around the world have thought, would they not think that these Sikhs are just troublemakers and maybe the GOI was right that they had to go in in 1984 to take out terrorists? in the battle for world opinion, those scenes were a massive own goal. I know that lots of people deride the protests and the candle lit vigils of the west but if you look at twitter recently and how lots of non-Sikhs, even Hindus have been showing support of Sikhs of what we suffered in 1984, this is what gives the GOI sleepless nights, not some hotheads fighting among themselves every year in June. 
    • SGPC was supposedly created to manage sikh religious affairs especially taking care of gurdwara sahibs and giving out sikhi parchar. However what it has become is controlled opposite to the desires and wishes of the Sikh kaum and protocols. The sri akal takht is the religious spiritual Sikh parliament where Sikhs come together during a convention where the community's panthic committee then collectively elects an akal takht jathedar to be the spokesman and leader of the panth. And now since the 90s  sgpc has been electing its own unknown akal takht jathedhar's against Sikhi protocols and wishes of the community. It's obviously been under the control of the indian state because every-time Sikhs elect their own religious leader there's conflict as delhi is unwilling to concede to the political aspirations of the Sikhs since 1947. So until SGPC isnt disbanded, reformed or something else created in its place as rival and competition to be the authentic voice of the community then this situation will not change.
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