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Professor Bhullar's Review Petition Rejected

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    • Very interesting.  If this is the attitudes of your generation and you are in your twenties, I can imagine what the teenagers are like now.
    • Agree...and she turned up herself so she didnt really go 'missing'...but glad shes back home and safe... Sikhyouthuk have done plenty good seva though.., but kudos to them for standing up against pakis ..they been tackling grooming for years..not saying they perfect tho
    • I think also, young males are realising that they don't have to marry within and still can carry on their culture/dharam too. 
    • look things have changed, this whole concept of the woman carrying the honour of the family is fast fading! and with that fading younger men are starting to give a less toss about what their women folk are getting up to. When i was in school there was this Punjabi female, she was from one of those westernized liberal kenyan sikh families, and she was dating a pakistani lad, he then told her to take a photo of her b00bs or otherwise he will tell her parents! she then took a photo of her b00s and sent it to him and he sent it to the all his friends and they sent it to everyone else! and guess what, even the sikh boys in school were sending the photo around to everyone lol!  my white friend sent me the photo on msn messenger, i must of been 14 then. none of the Sikh boys cared about who she was dating tbh ...   she ended up breaking up with the Paki boy and then she started dating a afghan sikh guy from west london and then she dumped him and got engaged to a Pakistani guy in 6th form and her parents were OK with it!  but she broke up with him as well and the last i heard of her was that shes married to some Sikh guy in a far away town! It was the same with the Paki boys in school as well. My white mate that sent me the photo of the b00bs was dating a paki mipuri girl! and they would hug and kiss in the middle of the playground and the paki guys would walk past not giving a toss! there was another case of a Paki Mirpuri girl who had s3x with a spanish guy in our school and he recorded it on his phone and sent it to his mates and they sent it to everyone and even the paki guys themselves were sending this video around to everyone! despite the girl in it being a paki girl!  So this idea of the female in south asian cultures carrying the "honour" and "izzat" of the family is fast vanishing in our cultures, that's why i don't think the younger generation give a toss tbh. From what i'v seen its fast vanishing in the Hindu communities, followed by Punjabi and then Pakistani, give it another generation and it will be gone!   Its still there  but it is fading away ...  
    • What she wore to me is irreverent, this stuff happened back in the day when girls were covered from head to toe, i just find it ridiculous that it's a family matter, deal with it internally, there are families out there with genuine cases where there children have gone missing and are knocking on doors begging for help, these lot had people like Diljit Dosanjh putting their daughters picture up in Instagram asking for help, they took it to new levels. Anyway, it's all done now, whatever the reason, i understand they want privacy but you know what our people are like, they'll want something in return for helping out, even if all they did was re-tweet a message, you know what us pendu's are like..... Also, Sikh Youth would get involved if your cat went missing, Deepa needs all the positive PR he can get after his sister and him got caught fiddling the books.
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