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Mark Duggan Killing Lawful, Says Jury - Uk Safety/ Public Order?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Mark Duggan, whose death sparked riots in England in 2011, was lawfully killed by police, an inquest jury has concluded by a majority of 8 to 2.

There were angry scenes outside the courts, with supporters of Mr Duggan's family chanting "murderers", drowning out a statement by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.


Have UK Sikh organisations/ representatives prepared themselves for any potential issues with safety/ public order?

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    • We have two major negative tendencies when dealing with outsiders, that are further magnified when they relate to our collective future or fate as a distinct group. Our history has illustrated these traits on repeated occasions: 1. Lack of vision / big-picture thinking. 2. Trusting the wrong people. There's subgroups within these categories, but generally speaking the above areas is where we end up falling on our faces. Modern or very recent phenomena I've noticed that are worsening are: 3. Paralysis of or the allaying of critical faculties that are required to out-maneuver and avoid the fatal machinations of opposing groups, and thus failing in securing our long-term interests.  4. I've mentioned it before, but we are cultivating a suicidal altruism that masquerades behind a veil of piety, but is actually cowardice and an ingratiating desire to appease others at the expense of our own interests, in the delusional hope that such behaviour on our part will be reciprocated at the appropriate time. It never has or will. Other predatory groups immediately recognise this as weakness. In previous eras, such a tribe would be routed and conquered. In the relative peace of the modern age, this trait becomes a terminal illness that destroys the conscience of a people. It's a slow self-inflicted death Vs a sudden massacre at the hand of an enemy. Same end result, though. 5. A craven desire to be lead and controlled by someone who has been vested with unearned authority. This invariably leads to us accepting leadership and ideas that should be rejected from the outset. Spiritual weakness allows this to occur.
    • Good on you. What potency did you use? Are you self educated or a qualified homeopath?
    • Assuming that this is true, that doesn't mean Sikhs have to build places of worship for all religions in all places at all times. Situations change. Guru peacefully undertook martyrdom; later Guru ji took up the sword. What might be appropriate for friendly Hindus in one specific village might not be the case for others elsewhere at another time. The question is not whether any Gurmukh ever did anything to benefit a non-Sikh. It is this: is what Ravi Singh and KA doing, to the extent they are doing it and places they are doing it, beneficial for our Panth?
    • Which Kirpal Singh would that be? Any further identifier, like village, got, etc?
    • I don't know what country you live in bro, but what are you talking about? The airport in DC is named after Ronald Reagan. The airport in New York is named after JFK. Just about every school, park, and so on in Western countries is named after a politician or other prominent leader. It might not seem like it, but just bother to look into the history of the town or village you live in and the street names, too. I mean, how many streets are named after Queen Victoria?
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