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Sikh Raj Kivey Gai-Sohan Singh Sital

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This is a very long video (nearly one and half hour). If you could explain briefly what exactly the video discusses, it would be helpful

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    • Western intelligence tries to destabilise China by inciting Hong Kong riots. China responds by unleashing Corona, in an act of spitefulness, knowing it will eventually make its way to West due to movement of Chinese citizens across the globe. Western powers believe no crisis, even one that's not directly of their own making, should ever be wasted as an opportunity to push their ultimate plan closer to fruition, so they capitalise on the outbreak with mass hysteria, driven by the media, designed to cripple Western economies, effectively heralding another economic depression; a depression that an elite financial minority knew was coming, which they accordingly "cashed in" moments before it hit. The puppet nations of the US and UK see this moment as the perfect opportunity for testing the waters in regards to how much state-enforced control the population will withstand before revolting. The elite nations use the impact of the virus as justification to introduce legislation they have no intention of repealing. As we've laboured under the threat of Islamic terrorism and the expected legislative response that supposedly protects us from that threat -- which has gradually curtailed certain freedoms and rights -- Corona and the fear of similar viral pandemic outbreaks will be used as the sword of Damocles to erode further rights and freedoms, and to allow milder iterations of such laws to remain active indefinitely. The media continues to play its role in perpetuating the fear and the overall narrative of an unrelenting virus sweeping and impacting the West in particular. The virus IS real; it exists, but its impact IMO is exaggerated, and is being applied as the cause of death in cases where it's not applicable in order to inflate recorded death rates and induce further hysteria.  India has 109 deaths from Corona. They're virtually Chinese neighbours. India is either lying about the official death rate to save face on the international stage (misplaced Indian pride that would otherwise seriously dent their narrative of India being an emerging superpower that isn't any less capable than a western nation) OR they haven't the resources or infrastructure to obtain accurate numbers of those afflicted by the virus OR Corona isn't as it's being portrayed in the West. That's all I've got. Wild conjecture but the events of the coming months and years will contribute to obtaining a clearer picture. I reiterate, a virus exists and it is not nice to have it. Having underlying health issues makes it more of a danger.  Best not to stress and panic as this situation stretches out for weeks and months. Positivity and cheerfulness in the face of adversity sometimes helps.
    • Yes, it's a video from a few years ago and these are some sect called Dawoodi Bohra Muslims who do not want to waste any food. Totally unhygienic and nearly made me vomit and in these times quite likely to spread Coronavirus if they still do this stuff even now. 
    • Biggest threat and problems Alcohol/ addiction both in UK and india Sikh caste division. Sikhs unable to be a single strong community. As we are to divided.  Lack of strong leaders to steer faith in right direction.  Sikhs becoming lost losing their faith  Intermarriages. To many Sikhs wishing they were white. 
    • being played like fiddles by GOI and PUnjab Government  during this lockdown Sikh organisations all over punjab are rushing to feed 'poor' migrant workers but the truth is we are being played : https://www.facebook.com/panth.pratham/videos/832374407262875/UzpfSTEwMDAwMjIxODM5MTIyODoyODY3NDU5NjIwMDA0NjIz/ this is bhaiyas complaining about langar: https://www.facebook.com/panth.pratham/videos/263542907998640/UzpfSTEwMDAwMjIxODM5MTIyODoyODY3Mjg3NzkwMDIxODA2/ honestly we rush in and get our own pockets emptied, and they laugh at us whilst our own poor sikhs sikhligars, mazhabi and kisan sikh families are suffering
    • I dnt believe what any "expert" says   just look at what's happening to the animals  and then imagine what's happening to our brain 
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