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Amrit Vele Jaagan Diyaan 7 Jugtiyaan - Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji

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    • Why has nobody ever seen the ghost of a dinosaur? 🤔😁
    • Myth: chandi di vaar is not for the householder and cannot be read at night. Legend: Baba Deep Singh ji fighting with his head off.  Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji gave this shakti to Baba ji.  Before you start to beat your nihang googly eyed drum think about why I say Guru Sahib.   If chandi di Vaar power cannot be contained in this body.  Why aren't the nihang singh bursting into dust as they read this paat every day? Trick are for kids.  Fairytales are for the weak. Chandi di Vaar is for every person on this planet.  Do you know how much bir ras is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji?  Ang 555, Guru Amar Das ji Shabad. Aisi marni jo mare.  Once the fear of death is gone. What is there to be afraid of in the battlefield?  
    • What's wrong with you, bro? The point of telling someone to man up is to take up masculine virtues. Neither I nor "Guest Singhh" made this up. Why do you think Bhai Gurdas II, respected by the entire panth called Guru Gobind Singh ji the "Marad (manly man) Agumda"? Mai Bhago was taking up masculine virtues, which are exactly what are needed in war. On the other hand, it is also necessary for men to take up feminine qualities, which are necessary to do seva, be humble, and sing music (kirtan). The problem in the panth is we have entirely too little masculinity at the moment, that's why people are telling Sikhs to man up.
    • He doesnt believe in dasam bani tho
    • Have you ever worn a real kachhera (of the type prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh ji)? If you did, I think you would find it very comfortable. Don't be an oreo, bro. You don't have to follow every stupid trend in Men's Health magazine. You can, though, if you want to. Just don't claim you're following maryada. That's not the only thing. It's not merely a symbol. Otherwise, you could just walk around carrying a picture of a kachhera in your wallet. 
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