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What Does Guru Ji Say About Work

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nope, work shouldn't be taking over your life, work and worldly chores are like a challenge. I remember reading a saaki of Guru Nanak Dev ji and it said that we should train ourselves so we think of god through out no matter what the situation , so at work, home,study etc.

Even when doing your job immerse yourself in the supreme lord!.

Guru Nanak Dev ji did this when he was looking after the cattle, a shop keeper and a business man in the sacha sauda.

Gurur ji has taught us that it is possible and Guru ji is an example for us ! Remember Guru ji explained to recluses who left their families and went to jungles to meditate, he explained that God can be achieved at home too but what's important is the control of the mind!!

So don't be the weak one to your 5 vices, be the saint-solider and fight these evils whilst doing naam simran :)

As you've taken this in consideration that your work is taking over, you can see it as the first step - acknowledgment. Now take the next step and challenge your self, train yourself so that you can remember and feel the presence of God everywhere. God is there with you but you just need to feel him which can only be done through naam simran :D

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Every verse or tuk of Gurbani is unique, I guess it all comes down to Avastha.

For example this post reminds me of a Shabad


In addition see which path appeals to you & whose your role model.

Bhindranwale were a Giani & Granthi by profession.

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No, u can remeber God while doing your work, do naam simran whilst working. Naam is everywhere and is everything. It is Truth. The thing is that bhagti is working and doing good for others.

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