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Sarbloh Bibek

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VaheguruJiKaKhalsa VaheguruJiKiFateh Hai JI

VaheguruJiKaKhalsa VaheguruJiKiFateh Hai JI!

Khalsa JI, anyone that believes in the Sarbloh Bibek and practices it daily, please could you enlighten me, I know some of the divinde Maryada, but not all.

Please show how to keep bibek, what is needed etc

Baisiclly the dummies guide to Sarbloh Bibek


VaheguruJiKaKhalsa VaheguruJiKiFateh Hai JI

VaheguruJiKaKhalsa VaheguruJiKiFateh Hai JI

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    • The Punjabi spoken in Punjabi movies isn't Doabi, Doabi Punjabi is slower than the other dialects. In Punjabi movies they say stuff like "inj naa kar"  In Doaba we dont use the word "inj"  we say "idha naa kar" or "adha na kar"     In movies they also say "aa kive hoya" we dont say "kive" but say "aa kidha hoya"    etc    The way they speak in the movies is how they punjabi news reporters speak or how the they speak at award functions etc 
    • Shaheed Bibi Paramjeet Kaur Sandhu. Bibi was a member of All India Sikh Student Federation was married to Shaheed Bhai Harminder Singh Sandhu who was the General secretary of All India Sikh Student Federation. Bibi and Bhai sahib married 3 weeks before Operation Blue star where bibi became Shaheed . Sant Jarnail Singh Ji blessed the couple and put garlands around the couple on their wedding. 3 weeks later Bibi Paramjeet Kaur became Shaheed Photos of their wedding
    • YEAH! Just seen the pic now of one you talking about. Sorry! Bibi Parmjeet Kaur was very young
    • Harinder carried SGGS around in a wheelie-suitcase in US. He is a rat. He made thousands of dollars out of US gurdwaras with his sikh syllabus.
    • U need Darshan of Abinasi-Purakh thas one way. Youtube Giani Takhur Singh real life of Jarnail Singh, a 45 mins katha. Giani Ji, who stayed with Bhinderawale for many years, talks of his Bhagti and how Jarnail Singh Ji met Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. NOT an easy journey "Kaniu wale tikki etho marg chalna..." But ONE WAY this is. Another way is Ardaas... either way u will b tested to d limits in your faith. If you're lucky?? U could say "Waheguru speak to me" and he could!  During a Divan of 6th Guru time, a sikh stated "Guru Ji, if it's up to u I will obtain Brahm Gian by tomorrow," another stated "Thas nothing, if it's up to u One can obtain Brahm Gian by end of today..." Finally it came down to "Thas nothing! If it's up to Guru Ji even a Manmukh can obtain BrahmGian in the blink of an eye..." (BrahmGianis have a direct link with God anytime). Question is, your sharda and maybe luck.  Through the case of Sharda "Mohau k boln bolieh, jit sunn dhre pyaar. Amritvela sach nao, vidiaee veechar." It states in Japji Sahib waking at Amritvela is paramount to do paat / meditation, then God will pay attention to you." And if one listens one can only then answer to your replies.  Another method is doing Mool-mantar followed by Gur-mantar in a way that opens up your Dasam Duaar. Baba Jawala Singh's method is explained and many Sikhs practice this method even today. First u recite Mool-Mantar just loud enough and practice on concentration (do not let mind wander)... one day recitation will get tired n then recitation will take place in throat/ whisper. Over time recitation will get tired from whisper n go into throat... then heart, then belly, saas graas (24 hour jaap) followed by Rom-rom (all hair on body reciting Waheguru, Waheguru) THEN Dasam Duaar will open. U can see heaven anytime u wish. All wishes come true i.e. God I wish to speak to u, Ridh Sidh is obtained.  Final method... not many will like this as it involves quantity not quality. Doing 3125 Mool-Mantar (Not Gur-mantar) for 40 days. An Ardaas should b done b4 attempt n after 40 days. That's 33 total rotations of Rosaries (maala) of the 108 beads a day! A gursikh pyaara did this at Harminder Sahib (I think) but he did it 3 times! Thas 125,000 times 3! Akaal Purakh met him. He wanted to kno why 3 times? I heard u meet people who did it once? 40 days? 125,000 Mool-Mantars total?" God told him he was a goat butcher 2 lifes ago n thief plus murderer last life. First 40 days paid off 2 lifes ago debt and second recitation paid off last life's debt.  Listen to Giani Takhur Singh benefits of Mool-Mantar on youtube or 125,000 mool-mantars etc.   
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