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Bhai Mani Singh Ji-Maryada Pothi

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Recently i was listening to this debate by Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhewale. The person on the right says that the maryada at Darbar Sahib is not the same as it use to be during Guru Sahibs time, he claims it has been changed and it is more in line with hindu vaad then Gurmat. Then Baba Hari Singh Ji mentions that Bhai Mani Singh Ji Saheed wrote a granth about the maryada at Darbar Sahib but Baba Ji doesnt want to tell where the pothi is so no one steals it. I know alot of people know Baba Hari Singh Ji or someone who does, is there a way we can get more information to see if it will be published.

forward to 5 min 44 sec

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In todays time every thing can be preserved in e format hence the fear has no base and the person holding the pithi should make it public so that after establishing the authenticity the real maryada can be restored otherwise the claim holds little value. With due regards to all concerned and no disrespect to any


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its called

Dastoor-e Amal Sri Darbar Sahib -- Likh-tum Giani Mani singh ji


Not sure if that book is by Bhai Mani Singh JI\

If you do a search of that book you can find some quotes online. The Giani below seems to be the one who was on a committee who wrote that book, check below

Giani Parduman Singh

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Parduman Singh Giani, Bhai (d. 1877), principal Granthi or priest and manager of Sri Darbar Sahib at Amritsar, was the eldest of the four sons of Bhai Gurmukh Singh Giani (d. 1843), a man of learning and an influential courtier in Sikh times. He was the grandson of the celebrated scholar, Bhai Sant Singh Giani, who had himself been the custodian of Sri Darbar Sahib. Besides his inclination to letters which he had inherited, Parduman Singh started taking interest in princely pastimes such as playing chess and dice. He was barely 13 when he joined service under the Sikh sovereign. The family fell a prey to courtly intrigue after the death in 1843 of Maharaja Sher Singh.

Hira Singh Dogra, who had gained power during the reign of the minor Maharaja Duleep Singh, had Bhai Gurmukh Singh seized and later assassinated, along with his two brothers. Parduman Singh and his surviving brother Arjan Singh were taken into custody, placed in chains and treated with the greatest severity. Both eventually managed to escape to Ludhiana where they sought asylum with the British. Hira Singh was killed in December 1844 and Sardar Jawahar Singh, regent to the young Maharaja Duleep Singh reinstated Parduman Singh Giani as the manager of Sri Darbar Sahib and his estates. A portion of the jagir amounting to 5,488 rupees and the family house, Burj Gianiari, at Amritsar, were also restored to him. Bhai Parduman Singh was especially entrusted with the development and beautification of the Harimandar Sahib and its surroundings.

After the annexation of the Punjab in 1849, the British government appointed him superintendent of Sri Darbar Sahib and jagirs worth 4,000 rupees per annum released in perpetuity for the maintenance of the shrines. He accompanied Sardar Lahina Singh Majithia to Varanasi in 1853, but returned to Amritsar after the latter`s death the following year. He was a member of the committee thai drew up Dastur ul`Amal, i.e. administrative rules, for the Darbar Sahib in 1859. He was also a member of the Board of Honorary Magistrates of Amritsar.

Bhai Parduman Singh died at Amritsar on 20 November 1877.


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in persian the phrase DASTUR UL AMAAL literally means the office procedure and small boklets under this name are many , almost one for every moghul rulers and other muslim rulers of india..I genuinely hope someone request the gentlemen shown in the video to bring the booklet in light and the sangat aad the intelligentia both benefit from it

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