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Bhai Kamaljit Singh Ji (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) Uk Tour Aug-Sep 2014 London, Kent, Midlands

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BHAI KAMALJIT SINGH JI (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib)


1st AUG to 7 SEP 2014

Details in poster

Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend 7th Septmeber

Seven Kings Gurudwara 12th and 13th August


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    • another painting   also using dogs to hunt pigs    old gurdwara wall painting in Lahore 
    • yeah bro it seems quite good at reducing coronavirus symptoms. It helps Zinc get inside body cells and stop viruses from replication. A Jewish doctor apparently had 100% success rate with 699 patients, Dr Zelenko
    • hunting wild pigs     rifles?and arrows 
    • 1. One of the issues Sikhs face today is turning intellectual questions into ideological questions.  The debates around dasam granth, meat, raag mala are a century old at least. Sant Gurbachan singh, bhai randheer singh all wrote about the issue or decided it was not solvable in the 1900s. Recently we had the calendar debate. It was something people should have argued about back and forth, thought about, deliberated etc. Instead it turns into an us vs them thing. And ppl are excommunicated and split into different camps over it. Its not even a theological issue, its worldly. About how accurate certain calendars are. Same thing with dasam granth. In the beginning people had legit questions. But ppl were excommunicated and panth split over it. Before the right side came up with answers and conferences. But it was too late. It had become too polarizing.  2. People either being too realist or too idealist. There should be a balance. The realist want to cancel langar and help to other communities because they think we should help sikhs first. While a valid arguement, they should realize the benefit of these charity langars. It unites most sikhs. From the most liberal, athiest sikh to the most traditional. All will say it is the greatness of sikhi. All will rise up to take credit, that yup thats who we sikhs are,.when its on the news, praised by non sikhs. It gives positive branding and awareness. Which we sikhs in the USA know the importance of post-911. And so will the UK ppl when the racist Right becomes strong. To be not lumped in with terrorists or muslims, I would pay any price. And khalsa aid is a small price to pay.  And the idealist that believe muslims are no danger. That all religions are equal. That banning inter faith marriages is sacrilegious. Are also idiots. But can be fixed. Can be shown the light. Just show  them how ugly the world is. Show them the muslims promoting love jihad, grooming etc. They will change. But the realist, narrowminded pessimist will bring down the panth to their low level and permeate it with misery. Thats why BoS bhai jagraj singh was a sucess. He brought hope that the panth can change be better, live up to its ideals with practical ideas. Also realist parents will not let their kids keep hair or get too religious as they think it will hinder their kids in life.  The idealist parents will not teach their kids about harsh realities so they are gullible. Will trust easily. And be losers with 3 ft dumalleh. Will vote for referendum 2020 when it will cause economic collapse, or persecution of sikhs. They dont care abt peoples livelihood or lives only the 'sikhi' matters. These get most ppl disillusioned and turn their back on sikhi. 3. We dont have enough freedom of religion. We are for it for people of other faiths but not our own. Let people follow sikhi the way they want. Let them question it and leave it. Let them dabble. Just have some hard and fast rules they cant cross. No deh dhaari guru, no disrespect of the Gurus or SGGS.  Let their be missonaries and nihangs and taksalis and akjs. The diversity is important. But dont try to convince the whole panth that only ur way is right. That everyone should eat chatka meat and being vegetarian is wrong. Or chatka is wrong.  It should be,.that is how they do things. This is how we do it. But we still brothers. 4. We need to stop thinking and preaching that taking amrit is the goal. There are more sikhs who will never take amrit. We need to teach them how to still be sikh. Let have minimum rehit that every sikh, non-amridhari included, must follow. This will decrease the liberal sikhs who are clueless. And has the potential to create a strong sikh identiy like that of muslims Every sikh must not belive in anyone other than SGGS. Must do japji sahib or 5 mool mantar daily. Must teach their kids sikh history and panjabi ie panjabi classes or at home. Try to not defame sikhi and try to be honest, hardworking, etc. Dont give up but at least decrease fraud and other sins.  Absolutely give up drugs. And alcohol. U cant call urself sikh if u drink. Say i will be sikh someday when i quit. (We need to decrease alcoholism and get rid of the thinking that sikhs and alcohol go together. So we need to be harsh abt it. So not passed on to next gen) And that sikhi is not just about giving up things. Sikhi can help you lead a more successful life without diseases and troubles. If u do this: (sukhmani sahib daily and not sure what else. Seva? Sikh scholars can figure this out) 5. The overlap between different culture and sikhs. Make it clear cut what is sikhi and what is not. If we do this, one day we will be able to.get afghan sikhs to give up cousin marrying practices.  If we first get rid of all the panjabi baggage: drinking, jatt stuff ( not caste stuff. Thats not really relevant. Lets be honest. No one hates shudras or thinks tarkhaan should only do woodwork. The only caste stuff that is left is being proud of being jatt) bhangra, honor killings, female infanticide, dowry,  treating womens side of family.as inferior etc. People can be panjabi and sikh. so  can do bhangra as a sikh. Like someone learning karate or step dancing or zumba. But everyone should be clear its a nonsikh thing.  6. Thinking everything puratan is good. And should be emulated. Research should be done about the authenticity of things like sooraj parkash. More research into Dasam granth. Resolve the controversies with resesrch. Not just thats how it was always done. But without creating more controversies. 7. Hating people who are not to your standard. Like kar sewa babe. They dont have knowledge about how to preserve antique things. Instead of hating. Do a course on preservation and join them. They have made old small buiding accessible for massive sikh sangats. And the sarai are very comfortable and useful for qurantine like now. They did their best. Politicians will always be corrupt instead of voting in ur guy/team, learn to use them to do the important work.  Yeah dhumma is terrible. But he is keeping taksal going. So that it still exists for when another revolution is needed. So when another Sant comes. Real world is ugly, willnever be perfect. Learn how to flow with it.     
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