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Japji Sahib Santhiya/grammer (Complete Video Series)

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    • excellent idea. It has been in my mind for a long time now. Sikh kids study in convent christianity schools and other private schools where they loose their love for sikhi over the years. We need Sikh schools where top class English is taught and top class teachers r employed for all subjects. We hv spent billions on marble Gurdwaras. We as a kaum r foolish to be honest. WE NEED SIKH SCHOOLS.
    • There is charity Educate Punjab which does good seva Punjab for Sikhi children.. we have donated to them. You sponsor a child, of your choice and it'll go to their education. They have 100% donation policy. You can donate monthly £20 or even less or yearly. Definitely check it out. Can only take care future if we invest education for the kids, esp those living in poverty and see changes in Punjab. I remember watch yt documentary a while ago, and the Indian government has provided some sort compensation to the 84 widows..in Delhi, and they were saying how the kids because being fatherless are hooked to drugs alcohol with bleak future, some of them were 12 year old with jooras smoking! . So sad we have failed to look after take care them esp the children. We should have provided them good education send them to law schools like Harvard, Oxford, then they can go back to India once completed education and fight for 84 justice.   https://www.educatepunjab.net/ ^ Check this out  Here's  their yt channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQN32WPx9zENwJRkQZI3trw/videos    
    • Yh you really can't rely on these charities. Most of them are businesses. look at Oxfam. Remember when some man from Oxfam during the earthquake in Haiti started paying prostitutes.  
    • I'm not killing the child emotionally. Answer my question without asking another question. 😁
    • If you’re killing the child emotionally on the inside should they be allowed to hit you?
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