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Question About Jap Ji And Gurubani... Please Help

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Is it true.. that specific pauris and gurubanis have specific effects and powers..

For instance it says that if you read the 25th pauri you will obtain wealth, need , virtue , estate ..

or pauri 33 which supposedly elimates your karmas, or 38 gives you the knowledge and power to write your own destiny..

And jaap sahib; rouses your soul and allows you to obtain ridi sidi powers...

So do specific banis and or specific pauris have such an effect,

or should we just mediate on God and ask him for whatever we need?

The effect of pauri and banis was written by yogis bhajan Singh.. aren't Sikhs against yogis and thier ways?

So is he correct in what he says about the bani and its effects?

Or is their an misconception?

All help from gyanis, and other enlightened people will be very much appreciated thanks you.

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Guest Satnaam

All that matters is that u don't just read it- u Apply it.

Is there any point in reading a recipe for pasta over and over again, but not actually making it?

The gyan is there to learned and applied, not just read over n over

- we're Students, Not Parrots.

A time Will Come where Sikhs will be called for a higher purpose ob earth and for maximum usefulness, the sikhs sill need 2 be spiritually prepared.

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As far as I am aware specific pauris and panktis do not have special effects such as the ones you have listed (eg wealth), but naam (waheguru) has the power to give you everything....therefore you must be careful with naam, in what you ask for and desire :), should always ask for more naam and not materialistic things

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Giani Thakur Singh also did katha about this. In japji sahib he would say katha of each pauri then say what the "mahatum" of each pauri was and that if jaap of it done for this many days u get wealth/ health/ or whatever. There is also bani called dukhbhanjani sahib which is destroy pain. And sankat mochan which is obstal remover/ destroyer. And both these banks have shabads about taap fever diseases etc. If u want to know more pm me.

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