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    • Must be living in the twilight zone to think any of us wants to be part of Islam history or Hindustan loool. He might watching to many Bollywood or Punjabi films so be this delusional.  Agree its over! WJKK WJKF
    • Yes because majority Turkey are followers Islam and the other minority have been booted and remain tiny population..what voice are they gonna have lol..They still deny the Armenia genocide, and Erdogan is a Islamic fanatic. Look at what they've doing to the Kurds. How many religions that came before Islam have been wiped out destroyed by them The word 'oppressed' get thrown around, same way call everyone 'Hitler'. Context matters.. If Muslims are 'oppressed' in India and other country..and despite how many Islamic country there are, the tiny remaining 'Kafirs' are oppressed in their Muslim country. Either way, as for Sikhs, we are the ONLY religion without homeland. Shouldn't act surprised what Muslims pull out or Hindus...stay away from all dont get caught up with India / Pakistan stop pandering to them.   
    • @MuslimNeighbour - waiting on your answer mate. Looking forward to it...
    • gonna take the opposite side here and say the following; This is not comparable to the Jerusalem thing because the majority of citizens in Turkey support this and don't see it as wrong. The Mosque was first a church then became a mosque then museum and mosque again. In Jerusalem the situation is that one side of population is for it the other side is against and the area of dispute is still being used by both groups. In Turkey there is no worshippers to use it as a church no one is being oppressed if its turned into a mosque. but in Jerusalem people will be oppresed and in india with the ram mandir ppl were oppressed 
    • These weddings are like Royal Ascot for our ladies. It is just one giant peacock show. If they could get away with hats and tiaras they would. The Anand Karaj traditionally did not have a lot of people and most of the people who go to them would rather be at the reception.  I think what has happened is that typically in the west the darbar hall is a much bigger. In Punjabi typically they have never been that large. I think (my wacky theory), our gurdwarae in the west have inadvertently  have taken the design of the church. The darbar hall become long and rectangular like a church hall with Maharaj being right at the end of the darbar hall like a church alter.  This has made the Anand Karaj into a Church Wedding Service and you try to fill in as many people in as possible. The only reason a lot of people come is for the chat and mithai.  Most darbar halls in Punjab and probably rest of India are more square in shape and Maharaj tends to be more centrally located.  I think darbar hall for anand karaj's should be much smaller (which with many gurdwarae who have extra halls, they generally are) but they should may limit the number of people (with Covid-19 this maybe the case). They need to cut back on those speakers (they are completely irrelevant) Also do we need ragis at the Anand Karaj? Most Anand Karajs traditionally in Punjab never had them, it seems to be another western invention. Another western invention is the brothers helping the bride. Is there a reason for this? Typically an Anand Karaj should last 15-20 minutes not over 2 hours.    
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