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Guest Jacfsing2

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Good exercise and avoid the porn.

It's very tough this time of year what with the heat and all the semi naked female flesh floating around.

Swimming is a good one because the cool of the pool seems to calm me down massively and of course you get more used to seeing semi naked women

without getting excited over every single one of them.

Works for me.

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Guest guptsingh123

Waheguru Ji

Im going through the same problem. Path, Simran, Seva and Ardaas are the best methods.

Listen to

immortal productions about Shaaheeds

Also Jagowala Jatha have really good stuff check these links out. Soundcloud and the have songs check out this one

Also Bhai Sukha Singh Ji and The SYF have made a shaheed profile playlist

Listening to these, wakes me up about how much time Im wasting.

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Just imagine being married to the object of your lust. That'll put an end to any desire on your part.

I'm joking!!

All of the above posts before mine are great advice. You must be determined to stop... no half-heartedness.

Although in all honesty I think the poor lad started the topic under the assumption it would be anonymous. :(

HAHA the last bit

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