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    • This is from Gurdwara Harian belan in Hoshiarpur.  Beautiful video.   
    • I generally agree, but remember, we need to develop a sense of not overwhelmingly romanticising death and self sacrifice as the ultimate ideal. At times it is essential to set an example of bravery and selflessness, BUT if all the souls with morals and strength are taught to give up their lives in a final blaze of glory, the ones remaining behind -- on whose shoulders the process of rebuilding and forging a future and a foundation for better times -- will come to rest, the pool from which those men will  emerge will consist of nothing but cowards and the moral relativists who will capitulate and betray the cause by either aligning with the enemy to save their own skins, or simply selling out for their own enrichment. Everyone has a role play particular to their strengths. It's just a shame the best of men are the ones who invariably understand the reason for self sacrifice. I'm not talking about the cowardly Islamic way of self detonating on a crowded bus or at an airport, killing innocents. That's not martyrdom. That's a Satanic blood sacrifice for the Demiurge.
    • I see he's come back from his safe space! Akalifauj would be working out what to serve as langar to give to the person raping his sister! Appealing to his izzat will not work, he has no izzat and what a buffoon he is, he calls himself AkaliFauj and yet he is a dhimmi of the Muslims. The real Akalis of history would laugh at this SJW bo.zo 
    • Banda Singh Bahadur's revolution paved the way for eventual Sikh rule and it is interesting to think what would Sikh history had been like from 1709 to now had Banda Singh Bahadur managed to keep his rule from being destroyed by the Mughals. The Sikhs of Banda Singh's time were a lot more anti-Muslim than the Sikhs of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's time even though Banda Singh's time was before the major massacres of Sikhs by the Muslims. Certainly Banda Singh would not have involved Muslims in his administration as much as Maharaja Ranjit Singh did. Also unlike Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Banda Singh took an active interest in making converts to Sikhism. In fact had his rule survived and he ruled for a few decades there is no doubt that he would have been able to make the Sikhs a very large minority if not a majority in Punjab. Up to 1891 the non-Muslim population was still a majority of the total population of Punjab, so even without any Muslim converts, Banda Singh would have had a mass of the population which he could possibly convert to Sikhism. Outside of Punjab, when Banda Singh invaded western UP, a large mass of Hindu Gujjars declared themselves to be Sikhs and joined him in massacring the local Muslim nobility.  Society wise, Banda Singh unlike the Misls and Maharaja Ranjit Singh also took an active interest in uplifting the low castes. In fact he judged his followers according to their abilities and not of what caste they were from. He appointed many lower castes to high positions, so had his rule survived Sikh society would have been much less caste ridded. Had his rule survived the Punjab like Spain would have undergone a Reconquista and we all know that after Spain destroyed the rule of the Muslim Moors, Spain when on to become a major world power. 
    • Tell me if someone was raping your sister and you had to defend your sister by killing the assailant,  what would you do it? Is it an evil thought to do the righteous thing and kill that person or would you be looking at gurbani scriptures to figure out what the right thing to do?
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