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Naam Simran Jugtis By Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara (Rare Video)

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    • Freezing Cold showers after workouts  feel really great !
    • Vast majority of converts to Islam end up leaving the faith within 2-5years. Also the muslims have alot of secterian and schools of thoughts differences so it causes alot of confusion and mayhem within islam especially with the minds of new converts to islam. Alot of white people who convert to islam usually do so cos of having emotional blackmail from their muslim partner to convert. They dont really want to follow islam and carry on with their pork eating beer drinking antics long after marrying into islam and even their muslim partner ends up leaving islam on the sly that way. So what you see on the outside of islam being one clear cut faith that all muslims know how to follow without any disagreements is actually not the case when you look deeper in muslim communities. Alot of them are cloest apostates, and hypocrite (mushriks) who pretend to follow the faith yet are having wild parties, drinking alcohol on the sly, not fasting on the sly when they are ment to, etc,etc Every faith has its oddballs and its extremes be it far left liberal end or the far right extreme if you peer inside the religions you think have got their act together you will be suprised at whats really going on.
    • Guru Ji tells us no one is bad no one is good basically meaning everyone has goodness and badness inside them as per the human condition. Even those without faith can be good people better than religious people and religious people can be better than non-religious people. But also if someone follows extreme nationalism or some extreme religious doctrine that can take them into the realms of being bad because of their actions and behaviour based on what they are taught. So in the case of abrahamics if they are taught to "kill the un-believing kufr" so naturally they will respond to that teaching. If they are taught other things that take away from the violence they will behave differently.   Muslims benefited the most out of partition the Sikhs lost the most, hindus though they lost part of india to muslims in the form of pakistan they however gained a majority population rule for the first time in 900years. The Sikhs only managed to get Sikh majority rule of punjab in 1960s after punjabi suba movement was started and ended in the splitting up of pepsu punjab region into 3 states (punjab, haryana and himachal pardesh). The hindu's, the ones who had hindu nationalist mindset, weren't part of gandhi/nehru's congress party shambles of partition of india. Various hindu nationalists of the arya samaj , hindu mahasaba, VHP and RSS were out there killing muslims and forcing them to migrate to newly curved out pakistan. And we got to remember that it was a hindu militant of the VHP who ended up killing M.K gandhi in 1948 because the hindus were so enraged by the political games the congress had played. After the well off land and property owning hindus and sikhs were massacred and the remaining forced out of west punjab alot of these refugee's settled in delhi. When nehru went to visit them in refuge camps they stoned and rioted against him because it was him and his congress who had caused the disaster of partition. The congress basically let a large potion of indian muslims stay in india for political vote bank reasons. They knew in a democracy you need numbers and if you can get a loyal community to vote for you then you will be guaranteed political power time to time. They could not compete against the hindu nationalists because the congress atheist communist secular type of people were not on the hindutva agenda they wanted a more irreligious society ruled by the elites of former princely kingdoms. A large portion of indian muslims congress party loyalists also took part in the anti-sikh genocide of 1984 across india. If you look at the list of names of those the police caught many of them have muslim names.
    • Gandhi have Shia muslim family blood...I read that Nerhu was practicing Muslim but kept secret from  public. The had cosy realtionship with muslims.  It funny now to see Hinduvatas now wanting majority Hindu country. Should have listened to Sant Bhindranwale, would've been better off. Karma. Even with what happening in UK...with Pakistani takeover...they'd one who caused most damage to Sikhi...and division of majority Sikhi population Punjab...
    • They gone on about the partition as it was a sad romantic story..when reality it was hell, esp for Sikhs we lost the most...only benefit we got was despite what these sanjha punjabis may think we'd never would have been able to live together in 'peace'. They need to look into reality not Bollywood love stories. As if we'd they'd be ok with Sikh girls marrying Muslim Man because 'Punjabi's comes first to them. I know families where Singh Dastar fathers killed their own daughters because they couldn't bear the journey. Some couldn't live with the guilt and ended up killing themselves. Muslims gangs would come to villages and loot and 2nd rape the women. Many Sikh women were jumped into wells and ones who didn't want to convert Islam, their breasts were chopped off and gang raped, forced conversion. There was a document were a Sikh grandfather was crying how'd the Muslims would come pick up the kirpan's and start killing them showing no mercy. Those times the Sikh families would be huge in 12+ members, mostly killed only couple would make out alive.  The ones who cry about sanjha punjab as usually those sjw communists Islamist apologist Sikhs...yet you'd never see Pakistanis crying about Punjab or wanting a united Punjab where all 'faiths one lived together happily' lol    
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