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    • You don't know the family situation and who her bf was and what his motives were.   Best to keep the assumptions to yourself,  this goes for every punjabi munching on fast food as they analyze something they have barely any info on.  What if, her bf was a groomer and making a cry for help from the family scared the groomer from trafficking her to another country? This is a big if, but it has happened. Whether she is 23 or 35, there are many scary ways to traffick women in the country and take them to a muslim country where she would be gone forever.  Wouldn't you feel really stupid for judging the family if this was the case?  Majority of punjabis are safe, tucked away from the dark side of the world.  The cruelty that rest on the other side is kept separate by a paper thin wall by your parents.  Be glad, be grateful this wasn't you (speaking to everyone who became sherlock Holmes).  Daddy and mommy don't tuck you in (again speaking to everyone who became sherlock Holmes) at night but their protection layer is around you.     It took a panthic effort to maybe put her on the right track.  I doubt it her mom and dad would want to put their daughter on blast over social media just for having a boyfriend.  Punjabis are big on izzat.  
    • A person has to be missing for more than 24 hours for the police to look for a missing person. She is not under the age of 16 or 18, where she will be seen as a minor.
    • Diljit Dosanj, mandy takhar jazzy b and so many singers celebs were posting about it too on social media Pure besti..no wander the muslims and everyone else are laughing...whats makes it even more embarrassing is they called Sikh youth uk first and didnt call the police for a while even many were telling them to call police 1st and they seemed hesitant...maybe if'd they'd called police first who would have analysed and look through cctv and take appropriate actions if she was 'missing' it'd be less embarrassments, then get the whole world to say shes 'missing'....  
    • https://www.ayurshilpi.com/post/ayurvedic-view-on-alcohol Conclusion Alcoholic drinks have to be consumed with respect to the body constitution, digestive capacity, and health condition, along with a balanced diet. If consumed wisely, it excels over any medicine in terms of health preservation.  
    • In a video i saw Bhai Jagraj talking about Radha soamis, and he mentioned he was talking to Kohli on bbc who said hes 'Sikh' but doesn't believe in SGGS Ji..because hes Radha soami, and then Bhai Jagraj told him then he cant be a Sikh. It was some time ago, so could be wrong but pretty sure it was kohli... i'll find the video 
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