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    • Isn’t it maiyaan and not maya? The haldi paste is meant to cleanse/purify the skin. 
    • i absolutely hate that     how can they throw flowers over irrelevant mortals in the presence of Guru sahib      this really drives me up the wall     this is why i dnt go to weddings anymore   because i know i will get frustrated because of these fckrs     bet you its the females that came up with this idea    
    • well perhaps you can move out and buy your own place and then when you get married your husband can move into your place in a doli so you dont feel like your being passed from one man to another?   plenty of solutions you know As for what traditionally happened, Guru Nanak Dev ji and the wedding bharaat went to Batala, Mata Sulakhinis home town. Their anand karaj happened there and according to tradition there was a lot of celebration. some say that "koris/kodis" marriage songs that sisters sing to their brother started from Guru jis anand karaj. In the old days in Punjab when a boy used to get married girls from the village used to sing songs about Guru Nanak Dev Jis marriage,   Guru Nanak Dev ji then took Mata ji from Batala to his home town.   In the old days the boy and bharaat used to go to brides village and thats where the anand karaj used to happen.  As for my wife crying im gnna tell her not to cry    i think its pathetic and stupid when they do that    nothing worse than someone wailing and weeping in your ear.   no need for that whole star plus drama acting      
    • Lol it's just an old harmless tradition  no harm in it.  haldi is beneficial actually   .people in india have been using it for 1000 of yrs. Goreh have only started using it now  What I dont like is stupidity like alcohol and shameless behaviour that is exhibited at these weddings now days  As for the announcements that's just stupid 
    • Guest confuseduk
      To the brave Singh's and Kaur's, My first question is that i've gone to many weddings and never understood the relevance of a "maya vatna" or "mayan". They sing songs and apply haldi or whatever to the skin but isn't maya a sin, so <banned word filter activated> are they doing? My second question is often I hear at akand paaths and weddings that this person did "dus pound haajare kithee" forgive my spelling. But whats the point in announcing how much someone has donated? Is it a competition? are they trying to buy their way into such kand? I just don't understand Thanks in advance.

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