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    • Veer Ji, today’s Sikhs can’t even sit together in one gurdwara without starting a fight. This idea of movements, or Khalistan is never going to work. If Khalistan was made a few years later it would be divided into sections because everyone will be power crazy and want to be in control.  My honest advice, because all I want is the best for you, is to focus on building your jeevan. Make your nitnem stronger, increase your naam abiyaas. I don’t really get involved with this type of threads, but I’ll share one thing. Khalsa raj already exists. True Khalsa is someone who’s soul becomes pure white doing simran. These people exist today and are like rajas (kings), because souls from the whole creation are constantly lining up to do their darshan, their hukam works in the entire creation. For now they live gupat. What we all refer to as Khalsa raj is a snap point, where God decides enough paap has happened and on mass people will die and go to hell. Only those worthy of being called Khalsa will be spared and they will step forth to manage the world. In their administration of the world no one will suffer. The reason ‘we’ aren’t getting raj yet is we are not worthy. Many Sikhs today look beautiful from the outside but are empty within. When you do simran you can see right through people. There was a young boy who took Amrit, he’d attend gurdwara every evening wearing chola, dumalla with shastar and chakar, big kirpan over top and even bigger kirpan in his hand. One evening it was raining so I dropped him home, only a 10min journey but he had so many questions about simran. I went home thinking about arranging a time with him to sit down and discuss simran, but a strong feeling inside me kept saying no. So I kept watching him quietly. 5 years later he cut his hair, trimmed his beard, now posts videos on Instagram every night of getting drunk with ‘the boys’. I think it’s fair to say we could all benefit by increasing our time spent on simran 🙏🏼
    • sad news. This Singh is no more. He did Akaal chalana 50 days back.
    • Google translator    'In Punjab, Sikh lines are being converted'
    • Teach about Sikhi...like Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji set out to do...so the world knows about Sikhi  and we'll be able to have our Khalsa Raj.. My bad wording  apologies Ji...Sikhi is the truth its not a religion i know ... Point is we dont have much voice in India, we know whats happening but here in West we need to start ppl telling about Sikhi the Khalsa Raj not a watered down version of 'Sikhi' or 'Hippy 3ho' version...more than we are just about 'free food' and langar  Bhul Chuk Maff  🙏
    • Wow... 😧 Am I actually reading this? If Sikhi to you is a ‘religion’ which needs spreading you are very lost. That said, I do appreciate I’m replying to someone who’s interest appears political not spiritual. 
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