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Punjab Govt Urges Centre To Ban Sikh Channel In India


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Source: http://singhstation.net/2015/11/punjab-govt-urges-centre-to-ban-sikh-channel/

Chandigarh – Threatening the Right of expression & Freedom of Speech, the Punjab government has decided to crack down on Sikh websites, internet channels and social media pages which they believe are promoting the Khalistan ideology.

In a recent move, Punjab Police have asked the Centre to take “necessary steps” to ban the Sikh Channel website in India for spreading “hate and seditious material”.

On the direction of deputy chief minister Sukhbir Badal, who also holds the home portfolio, the counter intelligence wing of Punjab Police has been directed by to prepare a list of all such websites, channels, Facebook pages and You Tube videos that Govt labels as “seditious” content.

The government is targeting Sikh websites, which are promoting the Khalistan Movement, and contains pictures and graphic description describing “police atrocities” during the post 1978-1984 period.

In many such websites, police officers and many political leaders have been referred to as “dogs” and the “biggest” enemies of the “Sikh quam”.

According to HT, “We have told the department of electronics and information and technology (DIETY) that the channel “Sikhchannel.com” is hosting provocative messages by individuals residing in the UK, Australia and Canada. These individuals are offering lakhs of dollars to those who will kill cops who worked during the days of terrorism and other religious and political leaders of Punjab. This is fuelling unrest and could actually push gullible youngsters on the wrong path,” said a senior police officer.

Since these websites are hosted outside India, the state government had to approach the Union government to ban these. “The report we have sent will be forwarded to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT). It can, ban the website immediately if the contents are dangerous while sending the case to a committee which then goes through the content and recommends a ban or no-ban order. For the time being, Sikhchannel.com is not accessible but the final ban orders are awaited,” added the officer.

The state government is also encouraged by the ban on the Facebook page of ‘Sikhs for Justice’, a US-based human rights group,. which was upheld by a US court on Wednesday.

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