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Jinn : Kya Huqum Hai Mere Aaka ?

Aaka : Mere Account Me Jaldi Se 10 Crore, Rs Aur Katrina Se Shaadi 10 Sec

Me Karwa Do.

Jinn : Aaaka, Huqum Karo... Bakwaas Mat Karo !!!


Teacher : Tum Bade Hokar Kya Karoge.. ?
Student : Shaadi..!!!!!!
Teacher : Nahi, Mera Matlab Hai Kya Banoge ?.
Student : Dulha.!!!!
Teacher : Nahi, Mera Matlab Hai.. Bade Hokar Kya Hasil Karoge ?
Student : Dulhan
Teacher : <banned word filter activated>.. Mera Matlab Bade Ho Kar Mummy Papa Ke Liye Kya Karoge ?
Student : Bahu Launga
Teacher : Stupid Tumhare Papa Tumse Kya Chahte Hai ?
Student : Pota
Teacher : Hey Bhagwan, Tumari Zindagi Ka Kya Maksad Hai ?
Student : Hum Do Humare Do ...!!


Poori RAMAYAN Biwiyon Ki Kahani Hai...

Laxman Apni Ghar Pe Chhodkar Chala Aya.

Rawan Doosre Ki Utha Ke Fas Gaya.
Hanuman Ki Apni Thi Hi Nahi Magar Doosre Ki Dhundhne Mein Lanka Jala Dali.
Ram Ko Apni Wapas Laane Ke Liye 10 Din Tak Ladai Karni Padi.Wapas Lake Bhi Kya Mila?
Ek Dhobi Ne Apni Biwi Ko Wapas Ghar Mein Nahin Liya, To Ram Ne Apniwali Ko Bahar kar Diya.
Aur Aakhir Mein Kya Hua?
Jis Biwi Ke Karan Itni Badi Ramayan Hui Wo To Underground Chali Gayi!
Abhi Socho, Akhaa Jhamela Hua Kayko?
Kyun Ki Dashrath ki 3 Biwiyan Thi !


Naukarani Ne Sushila Se Kaha, Memsahab Gajab Ho Gaya....

Pados Ki Teen Auraten Aap Ki Saas Ko Peet Rahi Hain..
Sushila Naukarani Ke Sath Balakani Mein Aayi Aur Chup-Chap Tamasha Dekhane Lagi.

Naukarani Ne Pucha, Aap Madad Karane Nahi Jayengi ?
Sushila : Nahi Teen Hi Kaafi Hain.

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Men will be men ... on banking rules

It was 5 in the evening, the bank was almost closed.

All of a sudden, the branch manager received a call from a lady.

In a sweet voice she said-sir I urgently need RS 10.000 .

I will reach your bank in 10 minutes. Could you please wait for me?

Her voice was so captivating that the manager could not say no.

He instructed his cashier to keep the cash ready.

The cashier obeyed his boss with great reluctance.

After a while a lady with the ugliest face, and ahuge tummy and uncommon figure came in,

and presented the cheque to cash the money.

The branch manager was taken aback, as he was expecting a cute lady.

He inmediately told the lady that they had already closed the cash for the day,

and she should come the next day.

The cashier was so furious,

so he told the manager that if his intention was not to pay, why he made him to sit till so late...

And the BM told him,

I wanted to help her, but it is the universal rule of banking that....

if words and figures don´t match, payment will be declined .....


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Why women are beautiful?

Adam, is working in the Garden of Eden, when the skies open up, and God appears spotlighted by a shaft of brilliant blue light.

God asks Adam how things were in the garden:
'Fine thanks' replies Adam.

'God', inquires Adam, 'Why did you make Eve so beautiful?'
'So you would love her.' Said God

'But why did you make her so dumb?'
'So she would love you.' Explained God.

The hydraulic force by which masculine will power is
defeated by feminine water-power!

It's an agreement wherein
a man loses his bachelors degree
and a woman gains her masters.

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