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13 Days Naam Simran Smagam And Larivaar Katha

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In Memory of Shahibzadey Shaheedi, Naam Simran Smagam is happening at Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Walsall, West-Midlands.

Sangat Ji,
We are fast approaching the 'festive season' again this year, but what does this time of the year really mean for Sikhs? This is the time of the year that one of the biggest sacrifices in history was given by our father Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.
In the month of Poh Maharaj sacrificed his four sons, his mother and countless Sikhs in the name of dharam. This was the fulfilment of a promise Guru Gobind Singh Ji made in 1699 when he, as Guru, knelt down in front of the Panj Pyaare and begged them for the gift of Amrit. The Panj asked Guru Sahib what he will give to receive this Amrit and Maharaj said they will sacrifice their entire family to get this divine gift.
In memory of this Baljit Singh will be doing a daily katha over 13 Days telling the full story. This is part of the Naam Simran Smagam being held at the Gurdwara. Full details are below please be sure to attend!
19th December to 31st December.
Daily smagam program:
morning Simran 5am-6am & evening simran 7am-8pm
13 Larivaar Shaheedi Katha 8pm-8.30pm
Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,
Rollingmill Street,
Walsall, WS2 9EQ
Maharaj has given and today continues to give so much for us, this time of year is a perfect time for us all to reflect on what we have really sacrificed to Maharaj.
Please make effort to attend and share with others, it is so important that we all know about this chapter in our history!



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With Maharaj kirpa Ji the following jathas are confirmed during the Simran Jaap Smagam.

Bhai Onkar singh Una Sahib wale

Bhai Tajinder Singh Khannewale

Bhai Hari Singh

Bhai Sukhvinder Singh -Sukhi Baba

Bibi Mandeep Kaur

Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Jatha

Bhai Amandeep Singh Ji Smethwick

Acapella Jatha

Bhai Piara Singh Ji Hazoori Jatha

Bhai Ram Singh Ji Hazoori Jatha

Gobind Sarvar students

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