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Guest GuptSingh

I've Cut My Hair..

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Guest GuptSingh

Hi All, this might be a little bit of a read but here's background.

I started growing my hair when i was 16, my family were all against it and asked numerous times that if i took this path i would have to stick with it, 3 months later i took Amrit and it was amazing. I went strong for a very long time, i made some mistakes but i did my pesh and carried on with my life. Over the years i became lazy, slacked with Bani and AmritVelah and eventually stopped doing it altogether by the time i hit uni (18). I then started eating meat, my parents were totally supportive and said it was okay and have been eating it ever since, i kept my dari and kesh and carried on.

After a while i questioned why bother being a singh anymore if i've done all of this stuff, and recently those feelings have been getting worse and worse. I should have stopped and gone to the gurdwara, sat with sangat and cleansed my mind but i didn't want to. Not because i'm lazy but because i was just emotionally drained at this point. I've posted in this forum before, severe depression has taken its toll on me and i've contemplated suicide a few times.

Anyways, a few days ago i had the feeling of cutting my kes, i thought it would make my life easier. So i took a pair of scissor and cut a few strands, i didn't feel any remorse or bad feelings and carried on cutting it. After it was all gone i sat down and carried on like nothing happened, i felt nothing, i felt like i did no wrong, but i felt like a great weight had been lifted off of me.

I don't know how to tell my parents about this, although i know they wouldnt mind me cutting my dara because they've said before they are okay with it, i'm not sure how they will react to my head hair being cut.

Any advice on how to approach my parents ?

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    • They definitely have resentment. I have heard some of this underlying remarks which suggest this, " Tu te sirf baharo  aiya vah " But the "incest " like thing gets to me and they have no shame. Where as we have grown up with goreh's, " bonk them, <banned word filter activated> that, dump them to get off with that one!" Our elders need to be questioned. How can they bring us up to feel inferior to people from Punjab when the people are this way. Was Punjab always this way and were they b.s'ing all along? 
    • It's very subtle but they seem to resent us purely because of the accident of us being born overseas. I'd understand if the person in question is a clown, but not so much if he or she are fairly decent and respectable. There's a palpable yet very subtle hostility even between cousins from the same family when Beletiyeh return to their family home on an excursion. This type of mentality is a telltale sign of a primitive intellect, and it's those people who require minimal prodding to turn into actual and dangerous threats.
    • A place to post concise news articles and images of the deepening degradation of our world. 
    • Get off the Internet as other people are suggesting. I think you might have reached a point where all the stuff around you has reached a limit and you're (involuntarily) switching off emotions just to cope. 
    • I totally disagree. Dasam Granth is different from SGGS ji for sure, with a heavier focus on social matters, literature, language, politics, culture, Indic mythology etc. etc. Repurposing traditional narratives to suit contemporary Sikh needs has also been done.    If Guru ji used narratives to explain things to Sikhs, it's on you to try and grasp the underlying themes and points of the narratives, not discard them because of your own preconceptions and mental conditioning go against this. 
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