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Sant Jarnail Singh Ji

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Guest singh

I wanted to know if any sangat have any Sant Jarnail Singh Hoodies like these which I shall attach as files (feel free to check them out), its the black sleeveless one with 'NEVER FORGET 84' on the front and Sant Ji on the back in black and white along with one of his quotes.post-0-0-22424800-1460049526_thumb.jpg post-0-0-40094200-1460049550_thumb.jpg

I know boss stall used to sell them many years back but I cant get a hold of them anywhere now, and really wanted to purchase this style and kind. It would be great if anyone had any spares or willing to give one away.

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In this day and age you can get any pic painted and printed on any type of clothing. There are people in the printing business who can recreate whatever design you want.

This is a much easier alternative, you can even create your own designs. Have to be careful though or else the design will eventually begin to wear away after sometime.
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Guest _singh_

Where? I'd like to know where you found it in this day and age?

Mhmm, even in dharmic/puja stores by histroical Sri Gurdwara Sahibs do not even have photos of him for sale.. They are becoming rarer.

Let's just say I know a guy who knows a guy, who was willing to give one away since they hardly wore it.

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