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    • https://www.opindia.com/2021/10/watch-nihang-sikh-breaks-leg-of-poultry-farm-worker-for-not-giving-chicken-singhu-border/ Watch: Nihang Sikh breaks leg of poultry farm worker at Singhu border for refusing to give him chicken   A Nihang named Naveen Sandhu, who is involved in the 'farmers' protest, had assaulted the worker who supplied chicken near the Singhu border. In a fit of rage, Naveen Sandhu purportedly broke the poultry worker's leg when the latter refused to give him chicken.     21 October, 2021   The Nihang Sikhs camping at the Singhu border have been in the headlines ever since they brutally lynched a Dalit labourer Lakhbir Singh. Now, once again, reports have emerged where another Dalit worker has fallen victim to their rage. A poultry farm worker was allegedly beaten up at the border area for not yielding to the demands of a Nihang Sikh. The incident reportedly took place on Thursday, October 21. Two videos of the worker, whose leg is alleged to have been broken, have also surfaced online. A report by the Hindi daily, Dainik Bhaskar, suggests that a Nihang named Naveen Sandhu, who is involved in the ‘farmers’ protest, had assaulted the labourer who supplied chicken near the Singhu border. In a fit of rage, Naveen Sandhu purportedly broke the poultry worker’s leg when the latter refused to give him chicken. In a video shared by Newsroom Post, the injured victim, a poultry worker named Manoj Paswan, sits helplessly on the floor while narrating his ordeal. Manoj, who is a native of Bihar, said that he had come from the farm and was going to deliver the chicken when a “Sardarji” demanded chicken from him. The injured worker further added that he refused to give a chicken to the Sikh as he was carrying a limited and accounted quantity of poultry. At this point, Manoj Pawan took out some slips from his pocket and showed them in the camera. He claimed that the slips were proof that he had counted number of chicken pieces that he had to deliver, hence he could not spare one for the Nihang. He said he conveyed the same to Sandhu who refused to listen to him and started assaulting him. Reportedly, another boy who was accompanying Paswan was also beaten up by Sandhu, but he managed to slip out. He then ran back to the poultry farm and informed the people there as to what transpired. After this, the people of the farm reached the spot and caught the Nikhan Sikh who assaulted Manoj Paswan and handed him over to the Kundli police.  Manoj Paswan works with Satyavan, who runs a chicken shop at Kundli Border. Satyavan told that he has a business of supplying chicken in Kundli and nearby villages. Manoj has been supplying chicken in the villages for 15-16 years. On Thursday too, as usual, when he came out on his rickshaw with chicken from the shop, the Nihang stopped and beat him on the way. Another video that has gone viral shows Paswan lying on the stretcher of a hospital, saying, “I showed the Nihang the slips of the poultry numbers as well. While I was taking the slip out of my pocket, a beedi came out with it as well. The Nihang abused me for it and said ‘you smoke beedi‘. When I said that everyone smokes beedi, I do as well but do not smoke here, he beat me up again.” Reports suggest that the accused Sanghu belongs to the Nihang sect that is headed by Baba Aman Singh. Series of attacks conducted by Nihang Sikhs Prior to this, the Nihang Sikhs had made it to the news for the brutal execution of a Dalit Sikh labourer at the Kundli border farmers’ protest site just outside of New Delhi on Friday morning. He was found hanging with his limbs chopped off and tied near his body. A group of Nihang Sikhs were seen admitting to the murder on claims of disrespecting the Guru Granth Sahib. Following the incident, a video went viral on social media in which the Nihang Sikhs were not only heard justifying the murder of the man in cold blood but also gloating about the sheer barbarity inflicted by them on Lakhbir Singh. While it may be difficult to forget the scars of this heinous act, this is only one of several recent incidents in which Nihang Sikhs have ruthlessly mutilated and killed people in recent times. In April last year, a group of five Nihangs, armed with swords and iron rods, had attacked two policemen and chopped off the hands of ASI Harjeet Singh. Two weeks after the aforementioned incident, a Nihang Sikh identified as Tej Singh allegedly attacked two locals in Mandayali village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh over a small argument. While one victim’s four fingers were chopped off, the other received severe injuries on the head.  
    • https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/sikhs-facing-eviction-in-shillong-seek-security/article37122333.ece Sikhs facing eviction in Shillong seek security SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT GUWAHATI, OCTOBER 22, 2021 14:31 IST UPDATED: OCTOBER 22, 2021 14:31 IST SHARE ARTICLE             PRINT A A A     Dalit Sikhs of Shillong, facing eviction, have asked the local authorities to ensure their safety and security. File   | Photo Credit: Ritu Raj Konwar   Panel representing group says any action would amount to contempt of court   The Mazhabi or Dalit Sikhs of Shillong, facing eviction, have asked the local authorities to ensure their safety and security besides the protection of minority religious institutions. In a letter to the East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner Isawanda Laloo on October 21, the Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC) comprising the Sikh residents of Harijan Colony or Punjabi Lane also sought “no intervention” by the district administration or any other authority in their case pending at the High Court of Meghalaya as well as the Supreme Court. Also Read: Shillong’s Sikhs get into Meghalaya bypoll rhetoric “For the last 200 years, we have lived here peacefully, worked very hard to earn our livelihood and have contributed substantially to the welfare of the people of the area,” the letter by HPC secretary Gurjit Singh said.   He reacted to State Planning Board chairman Lambor Malngiang’s advice to the State government to not let any delegation from outside interfere in the Harijan Colony issue. “This is an insult because in India we can move around freely and this is what the Constitution says,” he said.   Also Read: Why did riots erupt in Shillong? Mr. Malngiang had opposed the visit of a delegation of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee after the issue of relocating the Harijan Colony residents cropped up a few days ago, with Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma saying the government was determined to vacate the area. Mr. Singh also dismissed Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong’s statement that the high-level committee the government had set up to resolve the Harijan Colony issue had given the residents many opportunities to prove their ownership of the land. Also Read: Shillong Dalit Sikhs to challenge eviction move “He should show us the proof of when the committee gave us the opportunity to submit documents, when they served us a letter and when we received it,” he said. Mr. Tynsong is the chairman of the panel on relocation of Harijan Colony residents. The State Cabinet had approved the committee’s report on October 7. He said the State government will take possession of the 2.5-acre colony after paying ₹2 crore as a premium to the local chieftain or Syiem. “The government has already sanctioned this amount,” he said.
    • https://www.opindia.com/2021/10/terror-org-sikhs-for-justice-sfj-new-map-khalistan-mocked/   ‘Where the sun don’t shine’: Terrorist organisation Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) releases a new map of ‘Khalistan’, gets mocked   SFJ also confessed to its involvement in the Red Fort siege and rioting in Delhi on the occasion of 71st Republic Day. The confession was reportedly made in a seven-minute video released by the outlawed organisation in which they had backed the Red Fort siege and called for the siege of the Indian Parliament on February 1 when the Budget Sessi     23 October, 2021 OpIndia Staff Social media users pour scorn on SFJ’s new map depicting the imagined Khalistani territories   Khalistani terror organisation Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) was at the receiving end of online backlash after it released a new “map” of their vision of Khalistan—a new homeland for Sikhs—would entail.  The new map released by the radical, separatist Sikh organisation showed not just Punjab but Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and several districts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh that the terror outfit designated as areas that would be seceded from India for the establishment of Khalistan.  The map was released ahead of the group’s effort to hold a non-binding referendum to gauge support for their separatist, terrorist movement to form Khalistan beginning next week (Oct 31st) in London, at the Queen Elizabeth Centre. While Khalistani proponents of the SFJ would have expected rave reviews over the map released by them, they were, instead, at the receiving end of contempt and scorn by the netizens for displaying the audacity of fantasising dismemberment of India.  Netizens scoff at the new map released by SFJ of their fantasised Sikh homeland BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, known for his witty replies on Twitter, shared a picture with a message that asked the SFJ to shove off the map where the sun don’t shine.  One of the Twitter users did not take Jodhpur’s inclusion into Khalistan kindly and warned the group of the consequences of casting their evil eyes on Jodhpur, using colloquial language to drive home his point.  Another Twitter user also expressed his bewilderment over the inclusion of Jodhpur in the figment of SFJ’s imagination. He dared the radical group to visit Jodhpur and see for themselves what it would mean trying to secede Jodhpur from India.  A Twitter user replied to the tweet warning them what people of Bharatpur are capable of doing if they tried including the district in Khalistan.
    • https://www.gov.uk/government/news/environment-agency-encourages-sikh-community-to-reduce-plastic-waste   Environment Agency encourages Sikh community to reduce plastic waste Sikh festivals are at the heart of a diversity project encouraging sustainable behaviour changes during faith-based celebrations. From: Environment Agency Published 21 October 2021   Top tips to reduce waste from langar - one of the posters encouraging the Sikh community to reduce plastic waste The Environment Agency is working with its employee Sikh Fellowship, and community interest group Eco-Sikh UK, on a series of printed posters to be displayed in Gurdwaras (places of worship), as part of its Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) work. The aim is to reach wider audiences with its avoidable plastics message, having launched the diversity project earlier this year with Festival of Eid posters for Islamic communities. Three themed posters in English and Punjabi have been created, giving tips on ways to reduce avoidable plastic waste during Bandi Chhor  Divas. They focus on food waste, candles and decorations, and fireworks. Environment Agency project lead Claire Horrocks said: Eco-Sikh representative Amandeep Kaur Mann said: Environment Agency Sikh Fellowship representative Jatinder Singh Mehmi said: In future, the Environment Agency’s plastics and sustainability team also hopes to highlight festivals from other faiths, including Hindu and Jewish celebrations. As a regulator, the Environment Agency prevents waste plastic entering the environment by cracking down on waste crime and poor waste management. As an influencer, its ambition is to promote better environmental practices that result in a reduction of plastic waste, helping to achieve the goals and commitments outlined in its 5 year plan to create better places for people, wildlife and the environment, and the government’s 25 year environment plan. The Environment Agency is also a member of Preventing Plastic Pollution - a partnership of 18 organisations in England and France, aiming to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in river and marine environments, which includes embedding behaviour change in local communities. Notes to editors Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution: Working in partnership with 18 organisations from across France and England, Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) seeks to understand and reduce the impacts of plastic pollution in the river and marine environments. By looking at the catchment from source to sea, the project will identify and target hotspots for plastic, embed behaviour change in local communities and businesses, and implement effective solutions and alternatives. PPP is a €14million funded EU INTERREG VA France (Channel) England Programme project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund which works mainly across seven pilot sites: Brest Harbour, Bay of Douarnenez, Bay of Veys, Poole Harbour, and the Medway, Tamar, and Great Ouse estuaries. Partners are the Environment Agency, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Queen Mary University of London, LABOCEA Conseil, Expertise et Analyses, Syndicat mixte établissement public de gestion et d’aménagement de la baie de Douarnenez, Office Français De La Biodiversité, Parc naturel marin d’Iroise, Brest Métropole, Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Counseil départemental de la Manche, Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer, The Rivers Trust, Syndicat de bassin de l’Elorn, ACTIMAR, Brest’aim, Westcountry Rivers Trust, South East Rivers Trust, and Plymouth City Council. Eco-Sikh UK: Eco-Sikh UK is a unified inter-faith response to help combat climate change, global warming and bio-diversity loss. Eco-Sikh UK is a non-profit organisation which is part of a wider global climate action programme by Eco-Sikh – the Sikh community’s contribution to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) Plans for Generational Change Project. Share this page
    • The Nihangs still believe that Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave Gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib Jee. It is the foremost Granth. And Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth got Gurgaddi from Khalsa Panth.
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