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Risk Factors Of Becoming A Patit Sikh

Guest Guiiuvan

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What are the risk factors would cause an Amritadhari Sikh to become a Patit Sikh?

kusangat - bad company

lowering of naam simran

lok laaja - worrying about what the world thinks

kaam - lusting after people in other faiths, also other sikhs

moh- letting family persuade you to forget your duty to Guru ji

Haumai and Ahankar - when you reach a certain level of bhagti Waheguru will test you to make sure you are true to Guru ji not your own ego

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Bad planning of time. If your day does not have prayer times which you strictly adhere to everyday, it will be a sad downward journey. If you waste your time during the day you will have less for simran. If you are not aiming to creating new good habits then you find some bad ones creeping in.

Excuses: justifying to yourself that the present situation you find yourself in is good enough and doing nothing to put in effort to remedy your weaknesses.

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