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Guest iHavNevrD8edaMuslim

Sikh views wanted for national media

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Guest iHavNevrD8edaMuslim

Some members on this board constantly complain of underrepresentation in the media - or how it is the "wrong sikhs" speaking out (like Sunny Hundal).

So why don't you tell this national newspaper all about your lives in the UK? It's a libral paper, which Sunny has previously written for, but don't let that put you off.

Here's the link. Try not to swear or slag off other races and religions, otherwise they won't publish it!


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Guest Starsss

All onlne british sikhs who been victimised or racial abused by non-sikhs in the west should participate in that form

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    • Well I guess i would have to wait till I get married and see how it is then lol But I dont share feelings with anyone  not even friends or family Its safer to keep feelings and problems to yourself, at least I prefer it that way and deal better with it. There are some things I would have to share though.  Its difficult to open up with people, iv done it a few times and didnt like it very much. To much info out like that   I dont like it. And I dont feel comfortable with that.  Iv only ever once had a deep conversation with a female but that's because she had similar problems at home  so I just opened up as well    it didnt feel that bad  because she could relate. 
    • Women have gotten into the habit of getting everything there own way because they are women. 
    • One of the singhs who was involved in vandalizing the statue didnt get arrested and he had a interview on ktv    he said that hes actually from a muslim punjabi family but took amrit and became a sikh.  Il see if I can find the interview   
    • Its not just men though   women in punjab end up looking like christmas trees when they dress up       its just the culture there   it's very camp and over the top.  I remember my thias wife and her daughter asking me why most my clothes are black or dark blue.  Men there wear every colour of the rainbow. 
    • ^^ Good answer above. Singh ji, you are setting an example for your house and you are laying the foundation for your future generations to come. So, if i am in your place, i will be careful with everything in the category of 1. Kaam 2. Krodh 3. Lobh 4. Moh & 5. Hankar. So, being a Sikh and Amritdhari it is our big religious lawful duty to be different than whatever the trend is going on in our society. We need not to be easily sway'd away from our guru's given path.   We are the chosen one. Remember not everyone out of thousands got up to give head when our Dasam patshah jee asked for the kurbani of giving up everything - materialistic life and enter the lifestyle of khalsa. The life of Pure. Pure from all PANJ CHOR. 
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