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    • Sant baba johhny singh ji di jay!
    • Agreed. I have seen many small kids in the local gurudwara taking amrit, idk why but it doesnt feel right. In their teenage it will be extemely hard for them. I did so much dumb stuff in the past 2 years that if i had taken amrit i would have broken it. I feel kids should only take amrit once they are 16 or 17 plus. Before that will not be worth it, and sikhi will be a burden on the persons head. Furthermore, the nice thing I have seen with some moneh folks is that they raise their kids as keshadharis (not all but some i personally know)
    • they have been made that way by the iron vice like grip on adult roles by the bazurg . looking at forty year olds and saying halle niaana hai is totally bizarre especially given in our history kids were expected to be responsible , ready to protect their families in the absence of their fathers and male relatives , women were expected to know gurbani and teach to kids . The haumai of the elderly and the spoilt narcissism of the middle aged means the youth are also doomed to drag the standard even lower.
    • They call it a "book"  I'v had Punjabis call it a "book"  honestly none of these people care, its just a fancy ceremony for them where they show of their outfits. When the bride walks in that's seen as her "moment" her "big moment" when all eyes are on her.  They don't understand it in the slightest. I saw a video as the bride was walking into the diwan hall the groom stood up and started clapping for her, and the girls in the sangat were saying "awwww thats so cute, he stood up for her"      fck off.  these idiots just defeat the whole purpose and 5 months later they filing for divorce. 
    • Punjabi, even in its most unpretentious and earthy form, is actually rather descriptive and metaphorical. My appreciation for it has definitely grown the more I've looked into it.
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