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    • I had heard you could take amrit one place and follow rehit of another?   
    • No simple resolution indeed. Only Akal Purakh can save someone once the poison has them. The world tries to present alcohol as normal, and as you know, it's horrid. Definitely contributes to mental health problems, depression, anxiety, anger, lust, lying..essentially all depravity... Because alcohol abuse is enforced "normal" in certain cultures, the ignorant user quickly becomes hooked, and once hooked, they blame themselves, which is in part true, but really it speaks to the nature of alcohol and the cultures that pump it. Even in our language use we say hard drugs and alcohol, which is normal, more correct however is to say, hard drugs like alcohol.  Alcohol is an Imperialist weapon only suited for devils to drink. 
    • tell her to wake up 90 mins before sunrise. Go walk outside. Come back (body little heated) and take cold shower. Depression gone. Welcome.
    • only fools that pretend they are spiritual smoke weed. All it does it numbs your senses, over time your nerves becomes loose, they loose their firmness, they loose their speed, they loose their "life". Then you become lazy, you procrastinate, you get nothing done, some even start giving themselves false delusions, like I will do this or do that, and they believe that. For example: Two of my classmates from high school smoke weed, they are so delusional. One wants to be a neurosurgeon, and go study in Netherlands, but all he does is watch porn, smoke weed, play games, watch anime. He goes to community college but ain't getting anything done there. Plus he's here (USA) on visa, living under single mom. It's been 3 years since high school graduation ain't getting anything done. Similar story with the other one. Other "friends" as well. My neighbors as well. Just look around bro.
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