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1 hour ago, NonExistant said:

I read somewhere that Guru Gobind Singh Ji's sons, the Chaar Sahibzade, were actually the Hindu Deities Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Mahesh in their past lives. 


Is this true????? Apparently a sant predicted it or whatever.

Whoever that "saint" is bring in front of me,  I would like to smithereen his arguments .

This is EXACTLY why I insist sikhs should read Upanishads and other vedantic literature. 

This is EXACTLY why Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj said Sikhs should read other religion's scriptures too.

Firstly,  there are 3 principal hindu deities , Brahma Vishnu and Shiva . Mahesh is just another word for shiva.

But if you opt to take a spiritual dive , as per as both Hindu and Sikh scriptures, Shiva (the guy with snakes around his head and using trishul) is actually Mahadev . Shiva as per yogic literature is more deeper . Its the conscious aspect of brahm(waheguru ji ).

Shakti on the other hand is creative and destructive aspect of natural force, another aspect of brahm.

So Brahm has 2 aspects in universe : first is shakti (matter and energy) and the second is shiva (consciousness that impregnates matter and brings it to life).

Thus shakti is thought of as female, while shiva is considered male. This is represented in hindu mythology as Shiva being mahadev , while shakti is durga/chandi/Saraswati , etc other goddesses.

But both shiva and shakti have Parbrahm or waheguru ji as their base .

Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj says in Tav prasad chaupai 

"Anhad roop Anaahad Baani. Charan Sharan jeh basat Bhavani" (Beautiful is thy roop, Unstruck thy speech O lord, Even Bhavani (durga) seeks the refuge of your feet). As per hindu scriptures themselves, the three deities are subject to birth and death.

So , no I don't feel 4 saahibzaade were incarnations of hindu gods . 

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I have an english translation of 10 main upanishads (final layer of vedas), incase you wanna read it . I have attached a copy.

Also you can see "Upanishad Ganga" serial on youtube. Nice spiritual stuff.

DISCLAIMER : I consider SGGS as my only guru. The other scriptures are merely for knowledge gaining purpose. 


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Guest Jacfsing2
12 minutes ago, NonExistant said:

I cant find the post anymore but i saw it yesterday. Someone was saying that a saint said that the chaar sahibzade were the hindu gods reincarnated. 

I don't believe it so i made this post to see if anyone else does and if i was the only one who doesnt believe this. 

I've never heard of this before, so I'm going to have to say no. And according to the Trimurti belief Shiva has the names of Mahesh as well. 

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