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AKJ/Nanakshahi Calendar


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2 hours ago, MrDoaba said:

Which calendar does AKJ use these days? Bikrami or Nanakshahi?

I'm having trouble knowing what this question has to do with the topic of Nihangs in 1984, so I just created a new topic for it.

First of all, Bikrami is not much in use anymore, it's just either the Nanakshahi calendar published by the SGPC, or the so-called "original Nanakshahi" calendar favored by Ragi Darshan Singh.

Anyways, regarding the 4 major events commemorated by Sikhs, Google reveals:

1) Guru Nanak ji's prakash. Celebrated by AKJ on Kattak Puranmashi, in accordance with Nanakshahi calendar.

2) Guru Gobind Singh ji's prakash. According to the Nanakshahi calendar, falls on Poh Sudi Saptmi.

Celebrated on that day by AKJ:

3) Holla Mohalla. If you've ever attended Holla at Anandpur Sahib, you know that everbody (jathas, sants, Sukhmani Sahib Seva Societies, missionaries) celebrates on the day after Holi in accordance with Nanankshahi calendar.

4) Baisakhi. Celebrated by the entire panth on the same day.

Additionally, this link states Dushera is celebrated annually in Delhi by the AKJ as a major smagam. Obviously that would be on whatever day the Hindus celebrate Dushera.

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AKJ shouldn't use Purewal's calendar. AKJ people who use Purewal calendar are going against Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee and the respected Rangle Sajjan who all used Bikrami calendar to celebrate Gurpurbs. Why modern AKJ wants to break tradition of their founders is strange.

Our Gurus all used Bikrami calendar for celebrating Gurpurbs. Gurbani uses Bikrami calendar. No sincere Sikh should go against traditions set by our Gurus, Gurbani and respected Gursikhs.

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