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    • Watch a documentary called From JFK to 911: Everythings a Rich Man's Trick.  Eye-opening information to the machinations of the Banking Cartel and this minions. 
    • Wishing you all the best brother...who knows, maybe we'll see you in the future and you can share some more gian with us 😀
    • They seem to be quite normal for their age and lack of maturity.  Added to that they have been sheltered and forced to follow diktats that have resulted in making them repressed and frustrated.  It seems that no-one in the community is prepared to explore this angle and whether the community/culture has some responsibility for such outcomes.  I have seen such outcomes (and worse) for decades but things have not really moved that much. 
    • You have to be careful what you believe of the MSM.  Some of these protests are orchestrated as a divide and rule policy by govt officials themselves.  It has a two-pronged effect, divides the communities and serves to punish those who were really involved in violence and thuggery.  Many such events are regularly exposed on alternative media.  
    • they were going to do the same in  front of Gravesend Gurdwara later this month.
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