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Dad verbally abusing mum

Guest Sikh

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The thing is though my family has some sort of reputation system meaning some sort of baisti will happen.

My mum says that all the time, we will lose our reputation or something like that.

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2 minutes ago, lostconfussedsingh said:


Brother it is strange of how the school head found it. It could be one of your friends or maybe someone you told about your home life that could have passed its way onto the school head of year. 


It does seem a tense situation like a time bomb waiting to go off especially as you waiting to call the police.


How you mentioned that your grandad has a factory is probably why your mum likes to keeps a repution like baisti dishouncer especially with the police involved.

Not head of school, but head of my year group or head of my grade group.

My head of school actually told me today that I have been a nuisance and if it carries on I have to move schools, and he said if I don't sort it our he will sort it out.

I hardly even talk in school let alone be a nuisance...

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