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Sat Sri Akaal. 

So for late reply. 

Yes search up searchgurbani.com. Once there select the 3 line (options) on top right corner of page. Select your Granth (Dasam Granth). Then if u want English / Punjabi index. ALL BAANIAS will appear. Select Att Chandi Charitr. 

NOTE: Dasam Granth here is much better than getting an app, especially for translation. 

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    • Brava, you took Amrit but you didn't give your head to the Guru for that Amrit, frankly whatever you do to "make amends" or even "pesh" is useless unless you actually are willing to give your everything to the Guru. If you have this gf of yours, do anand karaj, if that isn't possible then move on.
    • please read 52 hukumnamas of Guru Gobind Singh, it says not to start grihast jeevan without anand karaj, so you cannot have partner without anand karaj, so you cannot have a girlfriend. 
    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-61466964 A 12-year-old boy was driven almost 200 miles and housed with a sex offender by a social worker at an under-fire council, the BBC has learned. The child was taken from his home in Herefordshire to stay with a relative in Bradford whose partner had admitted touching a young girl in 1991. The boy, now an adult, said he had been told he would be there a week but ended up staying almost four months. Herefordshire Council apologised for its "serious failings". It comes after a string of failings in the authority's children's services department were highlighted by BBC Panorama, including twins who were wrongly split up for adoption after a social worker deleted expert advice from a report warning against separating them. The department is currently under review after being told by a judge it "wasn't fit for purpose" and had "utterly failed" children in its care. The boy in the latest failing to emerge is now a young adult and spoke to BBC Hereford & Worcester about his ordeal...   "My whole time up there was torture, every day was a struggle, not having my parents there," he said, adding he had suffered physical and verbal abuse while living there, but not sexual.  
    • This quote is similar in spirit to the quote by Jiddu Krishnamurthi: "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Both quotes are basically suggesting that any individual who thrives in an environment that is, by all metrics, morally and ethically moribund, has lost their humanity whereby the suffering and injustice around them doesn't stir their conscience. If the evil individuals in power are flocking to be your friends and hailing you as a notable personality, there's a high probability you share many of the same characteristics as these powerful people.  We're talking about very high-level positions of power where these types of personalities are lauded in the world's media, not a hard-working businessman who's sacrificed his adult life for some middling success. Think people like Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., not some random Singh in Delhi manufacturing mechanical tractor parts. There's scales to this stuff.
    • This is what I'm talking about. Can you imagine this happening in Europe and the USA let alone India? Apne are just as bad as respecting whites over others and this is seen in pretty much every other ethnic group. The main reasons are- the vast majority of white nations don't have abject poverty and they have invented and discovered so many things. People therefore think that whites are rich and that also gets them respect. Do you think a Korean or Japanese will get respect by the average Indian in India? They'll probably get mistaken for a poor Nepali or North East Indian and be called chinky.
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