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    • Agreed. Though I do want to mention that True. Though (and I don't necessary claim that it applies to you here), sometimes people start reading "book" Punjabi which for some reason our intellectuals have heavily Sanskritized, and that's partially why it's unrecognizable to the average Punjabi. For example, taking the example given in the post above, "world". Instead of saying "vishav", you'd be better off saying "dunia", probably the most common word an average Punjabi would use for "world." There are other examples, like using vigiapan instead of the very common and understood ishtihar (poster, advertisement).
    • True. But merely refraining from adultery won't make you a saint, either. Refraining from tobacco and drugs won't make you a saint, either. Refraining from robbery won't make you a saint, either. (The vast majority of  people aren't robbers. That doesn't make them saints.)   So, what exactly are you saying? Is there anything that a Sikh is supposed to do? Please share.
    • Yeah, that bit of useless knowledge. Stop being so caste-minded, people! (Directed toward OP.)
    • I think the problem is, in your little "experiment", you didn't do quite what you thought you were doing. To do what you I think you wanted to do, you should have gone to the left sidebar, clicked "Languages" and selected Punjabi. Unfortunately, you can't do that, because Google doesn't offer that for Google News (neither for Bengali or Gujurati). Only for Hindi. Languages which have more speakers than Gurmukhi Punjabi, by the way. What you did, I think, is search for the word "Punjabi". Not the same thing.   On the other hand, if you had gone to google.com and changed your search language to Punjabi, and then entered ਖਬਰਾਂ ("news"), then you would have gotten exactly that. I.e., YouTube channels of various Punjabi news outlets, and then txt links to various Punjabi news sites (like BBC). I don't know quite what your point was, but if it was that Punjabis should follow the news, I agree. 
    • Probably for the same reason that Guru ji felt the need to "justify to a Muslim" or "justify to a Hindu". When the Muslims engaged in dialogue with Guru ji, Guru Sahib didn't just give "Because Guru Nanak said so". That would be ridiculous. Guru ji said that it was the "form of God." (Sabat surat rabb ki). Exactly what you seem to detest for whatever weird reason.
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