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    • This is because of cognitive dissonance.  A lot of the females in our cultural background do not hold the males of our cultural background with any value. This is because of partly the "fempowerment" movement and also because they have the image of the "Asian babe" for the last couple of decades, it has given a lot of these females an inflated sense of entitlement and  inflated egos. Because you were seen with a female of a different race and cultural background it creates dread in these females from our cultural background.  When you are seen with a female,  it creates 2 things with other females: 1. Pre-selection  2. Social Proof. It means that you have higher value and are attractive to a non Punjabi non Sikh women and this creates confusion to them because you being a Punjabi Sikh male is supposed to mean that you are an ugly hairy pervert. 
    • You should see their faces though when your out and about with a female from a different background.  When I go out with one of me jamaican female friends  you should see the look on the faces of the punjabi females. My friend even noticed and she said she feels uncomfortable because all the stares.   I personally don't care  
    • Why are you jealous? If women want to show their flesh . Why cant they? They are beautiful. If you have got it flaunt it. Sounds like sour grapes
    • It’s more than parents. Upbringing can guide you only so far. The world and the company you keep have a far more powerful effect.  I once joined a Sikh society at university. It was intended to be positive - there was a good attendance for some stuff like talks on Sikhi, attending programs at Gurdwaras etc. But there was also focus on “socialising”, something which i didn’t bother with. Turns out that some apne were using it as a way to meet new guys and girls to develop sexual relationships.  Sikh Societies should be run similarly to Gurdwaras and held to similar standards - involvement of Gursikh role models, Gursikh behaviour etc. Those running the societies who are later found to be involved in shameful acts (be it drinking, smoking, drugs etc), should be removed from their posts. I still feel sad that so many apne are so far removed from Sikhi that they wouldn’t be able to name the 10 forms of the Guru, the Panj Pyare, or Char Sahibzadee. Nor would they be able to recite Mool mantar. With so much modern technology, it should be easier to spread the message of Sikhi. 
    • People can show their t1ts and c0cks off as much as they want but when it comes to representing sikhs or at the gurdwara then no they should not be allowed   and something needs to be done because it's getting out of hand.  You really think female sikh shaheeds and sikh females of the past would appreciate the way their name is getting dragged in the gutter by these "sikh" women of today. 

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