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    • sorry I disagree with your analysis that bhai Jagraj singh or the 3HO ever did anything to counter ill health or grooming (yes Veer ji did mention it on a couple of videos but it was to bemoan the state of affairs in the panth , no solutions) . 3HO are a joke , they make videos that add to the moral confusion not lessen it ... (see Guruka Singhs socalled advice vids) if you have values and you try to keep them -you a re judged to be judgemental ? no ish that's called bibek budhi using your discernment from a Gurmat perspective , there is zero wrong in it . Its the loosey goosey amoral types who labels those people as 'santicmonious/judgemental'  and the accused never answer back to keep things calm (not because they agree the accusers have a point). 
    • It’s the same as gender mix toilets they are making in places going forward. This means women who won’t feel comfortable sharing toilets with men (some due to abusive traumatic past events) now have to, just to make this minority group of people comfortable.   
    • https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=304007204093096&id=100034514562705&set=a.108297673664051&source=48&refid=18&_ft_=qid.6845965394535797314%3Amf_story_key.2348987505403747%3Agroup_id.1546200479015791%3Atop_level_post_id.2348987505403747%3Atl_objid.2348987505403747%3Acontent_owner_id_new.1064860059%3Aoriginal_content_id.304007227426427%3Aoriginal_content_owner_id.100034514562705%3Apage_id.1546200479015791%3Asrc.22%3Aphoto_id.304007204093096%3Astory_location.6%3Aattached_story_attachment_style.photo%3Afilter.GroupStoriesByActivityEntQuery%3Atds_flgs.3%3Apage_insights.{"1546200479015791"%3A{"page_id"%3A1546200479015791%2C"page_id_type"%3A"group"%2C"actor_id"%3A1064860059%2C"dm"%3A{"isShare"%3A1%2C"originalPostOwnerID"%3A304007227426427}%2C"psn"%3A"EntGroupMallPostCreationStory"%2C"post_context"%3A{"object_fbtype"%3A657%2C"publish_time"%3A1590815066%2C"story_name"%3A"EntGroupMallPostCreationStory"%2C"story_fbid"%3A[2348987505403747]}%2C"role"%3A1%2C"sl"%3A6}}&__tn__=EHH-R
    • I'v seen the men in my family do some terrible things to their wives when they are drunk, and call their daughters degrading names  It so bad.  My nana drank a lot and gave my nani grief, but then he stopped, and then his sons started drinking like fish and then their sons my cousins drink heavily now, my cousin has a 2 yr old boy and my mum was having a go at my cousin on the phone and saying when is this behaviour going to stop in our family, generation after generation it's just continuing, she said to him you've got a son now and you need to make sure you end the alcohol there and not pass it down.  Its destroyed so many lives and families.   
    • yep that french wine makers sponsored study has been debunked , it is much healthier to have the original grapes or juice than the wine because the polyphenols supplied are diminished by the alcohol action in the body.
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