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"Lord as Protector"

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Pyaari saadh sangat ji - 

The Ragi singh at our Gurdwara always has a theme every week - last week it was "Lord as Protector"

There were two shabads of Kabir sahib 

"Ganga Kinare Meri Tooti Zanjeer - Mrigshala par baithay Kabir" 


"Prabh Khamb te Niksay Kai Bisthaar, Harnakash chediyo nakh beedaar"

and the couplet from Salok Mehalla 9 

"Bal Shutkiyo Bandhaan Paray - Kachoo Na hoth upaay
Kaho Nanak ab oat har - gaj tio hoh saha-ae"

On the way home my 12 year old son asked - "But then Papa - what happened with Guru Arjan, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Banda Bahadur? - why were they not given the same protection" 

One answer of course is that they wanted to demonstrate "Mitha laaga-e tera bhaana" but wondering if there was another perspective out there for the sewak......

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Guru Arjan Dev ji throughout their life qas given protection.there r so many shabads. Like the attack by sulhi, the attacks of prithi chand on their sin guru hargobind sahib ji.

Banda singh bahdur was asked the same question when being tortured by the mughal king. Banda singh said, i am glad to go thru my karm now rather than in afterlife. In wartime, and while tryingto deliver justice, some ppl are wrongfully killed or given a more harsh punishment than they deserve. Through this torture, my karmic debt is being paid off.

Guru Tegh bahadur ji chose shaheedi to help the hindus. Aurangzeb wanted to keep them alive so he could keep torturing them andso he hoped tgey would becomehindu.but if guru ji managed  to die without converting, aurangzeb cant cinvert hibdus as per the deal.

So shaheedi is a mission in life,theyre destiny. To show ppl tge path, and accomplish goals. One does not need protection from that.all 3 of them accepted it and lioked forward to death, where they can ubite with the lord. 

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    • I see what u did there.  Swam-i singh I had heard that there was also a time when sikhs would go take ishnaan at harmandar sahib to thumb their noses at the guards. But this woukd be the time when the sarovar was not filled up in the seige.  Also that there was a grouo of singhs. And they woukd go each night to light the jot. And would get captures each time...
    • This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.  I always wanted to add the British and Persian sources to our history. And this person has done so. For example they say Dr Cole did the sutures for Sri Guru Gobind singj ji. I would love to find that account.  The way he added the last names to the singhs seemed wrong. But it also helps to connect with them. That these heroic ppl really were our ancestors. (Its nice to see my last name there And the infighting and betrayal by our own ppl, is very hard to read about. But hey at least it shows what we were going through now isnt new.  The painting that he put for Akali phula singh is so beautifully rendered. I used to think before the enlightenment period (when they started experimenting with 3D painting and lighting) that all olden paintings looked 2D and flat. But even without using the european somber colors and life size figures,  the painting shows everything with perfect proportions and depth. The colors are nice too. I love the word warrior-priests. Totally gonna replace saint-soldiers. 
    • Forgive me, I dont mean to be offensive. But what is the Truth? It sounds so vague and hippyish. You can say anything.  It is simply the Truth....it is simply the Void....all.these religions are false, there is only the Way.  Are you trying to say there is no afterlife, no philosophy, no teachings except of morality? 
    • I meant literally. It is hard to send a spoon thru the computer screen. But figuratively, it also works. If that person had asked kindly for further explanation or the exact shabad. It would be easy to spoon feed that info as you mentioned. But they commanded that I stop quoting gurbani (unless done to their specific guidelines). So yeah difficult to spoon feed a stubborn person.
    • They have a solution for that. The right wing is claiming that the Taj mahal used to be a shivji temple and was overtaken by the mughals. 
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