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Finding a Singh for Marriage

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With Waheguru Ji's kirpa I have been blessed with Amrit recently. I am getting used to the change in my life so far and it's been a great journey, however, I am starting to feel the pressures of marriage. I just turned 25 years old and my family is saying I should start looking now before it's too late, but whenever someone from Sangat introduces me to another Singh, the topic of kes comes up. They want me to break my rehat and shave before marriage. This is something I am not willing to do and never will do, but the pressures of marriage and finding the right life partner is becoming hard. My whole family is not devoted to Sikhi, just a few of us, so it's even more difficult. Another challenge is education. Everyone wants me to find someone with a degree, job and living at home in Canada.

Any advice anyone can give would be great.

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    • Has he said something that contradicts Sikhi? I don't know. I know of him and his general philosophy, which I assume is derived from the Vedic framework, but I can't say I've watched any of his videos meticulously enough to see if he's promoting an anti-Gurmat narrative. If he has said something that contradicts Sikhi, then I will retract my statement about his ideology not contradicting Sikhi.  Has he said anything that contradicts Sikhi? If so, that information must be presented. If you don't like him because he's not Sikh, then be open and state that as well. Don't give the impression that I'm wholeheartedly endorsing someone when I have no more than a surface understanding of his intentions. If you know details about his heresy, then they need to be highlighted here. When kathavachaks refer to terms and philosophies that obviously aren't directly tuks from Gurbani but are derived from Dharmic sources -- which most of them do because part of their training is to study Indian scriptures -- then I assume that's par for the course, isn't it? I was listening to katha by Giani Pinderpal Singh where he started by describing the different types of guru (lower case) / teacher described in the Hindu granths. That info was used as the underlying basis from which he launched into Sikh-specific vichaar about our Gurus. So, it stands to reason there's information that's cross referenced. These gianis aren't referring to Vedic concepts they've manufactured themselves, are they? They must come from some other non-Sikh source?
    • Can you provide Gurbani quotes to back this statement up.  
    • This video shows hes Spiritually inept.
    • I always found it strange how the kids who were 'pushed' hard to do well at school by parents and relatives from our community were the most 'mental' at uni once they escaped their parents and relatives . Personally I was never pushed , I studied as I liked it .so was quite boring at unis. But the gujjus, Punjabis and paks who would tell me stories of their upbringing were the ones who drank, did drugs , slept around etc... You should really look at the work of Dr Gabor mate ..and his work on childhood trauma and then you'll understand why our community is so messed up 
    • You may want to consider reflecting and seeing if your able to forgive yourself. Carrying guilt is really unhealthy. Obv doesnt mean we just go around doing anything, but often guilt can stop us progressing spirituality. Remember only the Guru is perfect, we are always making mistakes.  
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