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Bringing up Kids

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It is possible you bring your kids up in Sikhi but they turn 18, become mone and marry Gora or another Religious / atheist being. But this is not about that!!!

Kids require YOUR attention as toddlers. By the time they're 13 they think about YOU as a parent. By the time they're 18+ they will do two things. Point the finger at YOU! or turn to YOU! (you want YOUR kid(s) to do the latter)!!!

Now, poor people's kids turn n look up to their parents. In some rich families, kids may have resentment and hatd feelings towards their parents... So, poor or rich is NOT an excuse here.

Do YOU show yer kids support and encouragement? Say to them positive things like "You can do it. Put your mind to it. Never give up. Today you're good at cycling tomorrow footy?" OR the negative??? "You'll never b good in life. So n so has more achievement than you. You'll never mount to anything..." If YOU are doing the latter then 15-20 yrs down the line , YOU will pay the price. YOU will have YOURSELF to blame. Your kids will have resentment, disrespectful feelings and not turn to you. YOU CANNOT EVEN SAY I TRIED! YOU DIDN'T!!!

Even if your kids don't become religious they will turn to you IF YOU GIVE THEM POSITIVE UPBRINGING! So any new Parents / parents with younger kids, spend time with YOUR kids. Sit, talk n listen to them. They need YOU, YOUR ENCOURAGEMENTS and YOUR POSITIVE VOICE!

So many families where everyone's an Amritdhari but no love is there. So many families where only parents are Amritdhari, kids are not BUT... Kids look up and turn to their folks for advise or emotional support. Why??? From a young age these parents taught them Sikhi (but they chose not t follow), gave them positive advice, encouraged and limited the criticism.

Positive energy starts when your kids are YOUNG! FIVE OR SIX! Anything after 13's pushing it. DON'T EXPECT A MIRACLE ONCE THEY'RE 18+! It'll b like sum1 did an atrocious job on the varnish only to do a fantastic paint over it. Any DIY expert will kno wha that'll end up as. SAME PRINCIPLE apply. Do it right when they're young they'll look up to u even once they're adults.

To sum up DO encourage kids in Sikhism path. DO be their positive energy and support. DO teach them about the world around them. DO take an interest in their activities.

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    • healthy competition is fine but when you stop talking and get really violent over the joint khoo in the fields and the wall between the houses then that is a serious problem.  its jealousy and greed.   2 men from my mum shreek were about to start a fight with hammers and other farming tools in the fields  luckily my mums brother got there and stopped them.  things get really serious there  yh thaiya chachiya are the worse   they want to hog everything for their own kids,  they ruin the whole joint dynamic of the family.  my thia and chacha fell out and built a wall between their houses, their wives then used to get their kids to argue as well.    lol no joke but one day while my thaye was out, my chachi came around and destroyed my thayis chulla with a sledge hammer!  my thayi then rang us and was crying on the phone and said that she had to ask the neighbors for roti!   like what the hell were we supposed to do all the way from the uk!!!     these women are so venomous towards each other    
    • Yes I am aware of Shareeka.  I guess there is nothing wrong in some healthy competition and being inspired to improve yourself.  Personally speaking,  I have no problem with my Thaiyas kids or Chachas kids doing better than me. May they be prosperous in their endeavours.  When I look at the culprits of this kind of thing, it is usually some female in the background like a jealous thaiee or chachi.  If there is one thing I have learnt in life is that in general be a bit less trustful in your non-blood female relatives.
    • do you know about shareeka? people compete more with their shareeks than with anyone one else, it is so deep routed and obsessive!  people will put themselves in debt just to compete with their shreeka!   it plays such a huge part in society there and is so deep routed, i really cant get my head around it!  i understand it,  but the obsession that they have i really dont understand that! it part of the fabric of society.  but this competing with your shareeks isnt a new thing it goes decades back probably over a 100 years back 
    • I agreed with this fox guy when he appeared on question time cos not everything these crazy far left feminists or muslim activists say is classed as "white male privilege". but now he has shown his true White male privilege and far right white racist views when he complained about a sikh soldier being featured in the new movie 1917 as "forced diversity" in the movie industry. Had he had a brain or some intelligence he would have realised 83,000+ turbanned sikh soldiers died fighting shoulder to shoulder with allied forces in both world wars defending the UK in foreign lands they had no personal conflict with. It shows these white racists are  trying to go mainstream these days aided by stupid views of far left crazypot idiots causing people to become more tolerant to the alternative opposite views.  
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