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    • Look at the way the nihang singh describes the avtar, "this khanda will hv the power to move oceans and cut mountains. All the armies of the world will submit before Nehkalank avatar" This is a very angry and hate filled statement by the nihang singh toward the world.  He wants the world to burn.  Its like the avtar will be the nihangs personal weapon to give them power over the world.  Fine take control over this world.  Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji says there are worlds upon worlds.  His  creation is endless.  How will the nihangs reach other worlds to conquer them?  Which horse will take them there? Once a person realizes there are many worlds.  All this becomes immaterial because working to remember Vaheguru becomes that much more important.  We realize how small we really are in this world.  If you read ang 1403.  One message becomes  clear.  Forget about the avtars and focus on the Guru and Vaheguru.  That's the focus of ang 1403.   Do you have a set time, date, and location this avtar is coming?  I want to warm up my popcorn in time to watch the battles like watching a marvel movie.   Obtain couple of drones to capture all the action live.   Guru Nanak Dev ji gave people the straight goods.  Do a, b,c and Guru Sahib will have mercy on your soul.  What have the Sikhs done.  "I can't wait till this avtar comes and takes over the world.  The avtar will squash sgpc and I will get my akal takht back."  This is such childish thinking.  The nihangs have become so petty.     
    • Can you provide the recording or writing?
    • Yep, but lets start thinking we don't have the SGPC, Akal Takht, or Punjab for Sikhs. So what do we do now. We are better of in West, where we can speak up without being arrested. We should focus on being successful financially, really successful collectively. We need panthic billionaires. Money talks.    Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji :(:(  Really miss him.  BoS they've become too far left, liberal. 
    • That how its is for Sikhs..RSS/Modi or Gandhis 🤮 Sirsa is ok...he does go overboard with 'I love India and sucking about to Modi...but he from time to time he does speak out against panthic issues...He is self-made multi millionaire, which is good and we need more like him so they don't get 'brought' out...Bagga is just an joke and embarrassment... What correct steps should they'd take in 90s? imo, they should have first make $$$$ = power. Obvs this is now in hindsight, but i wish they'd never given their lives, esp the amount lives we lost and were taken is heartbreaking. Esp now when we look at this Z generation.  They want us to keep dying and give our heads. Its win for them. Noone cares if we get justice or rot in jail. Thats why we need to make $$$. We need power.  
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh  No veerji it is not written in Guru Granth Sahib ji.Im quite sure it is a bachan from Guru Gobind Singh ji.Yes I agree the panth does not believe in superstitions but the 960 million khalsa I'm talking about is not about shaheed singhs.What I mean is that now there are shaheed singhs which have already taken birth and are on this earth and that during Khalsa raj the Khalsa population will increase to 960 million.Hope I cleared it up Bhul Chul Maf
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