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    • The belief of God is exactly just that: - a belief. To some people it’s the Sun God, to some it’s Shiva, then you have the trinity and some call God Allah.  You have some that don’t believe in God at all and some that believe there is something out there.  It is YOUR belief and it’s OK; when someone that let’s say believes in the trinity and tries to explain this to some who had an adamant in the belief in let’s say Shiva; the one that believes in Shiva may not understand the trinity theory and the one who have faith in the trinity may not understand the Shiva theory.  As long as we can respect everyone’s faith - belief it’s all good.  It’s personal to the believer and it’s true to that person.  To a Sikh the Gurus path is the absolute truth, to a Christian their bible and trinity is truth, to a Muslim their version of Allah and Quran is truth.  It’s all a belief system.
    • I like many of kirtans from Bibi Gurpreet Kaur. too sad she's not with us anymore this one is really touching  
    • it ever happened to you ? what does it feel like ?
    • Ok i dont know if your joking or being serious?   lol   
    • Yeah  I just don't know what happened that day and what those bright lights were. She definitely was not a spiritual person!  But at the same time i'v read that white light is gd it's a gd spirit, while dark light is evil. But she claims it's an archangel, why would an archangel appear before someone like her! Or even me! Wouldn't Angel's appear before someone who is pure.  She never told anyone what her source of power was, she would just say shes a "spiritual warrior" or "white witch"  She used to go to "meetings" but never told us what happens at these meetings. Just strange.  Once at work me and this girl were talking about marriage and weddings but we were like whispering because didnt want anyone to take the conversation the wrong away, anyway she walked in and started literally sniffing the air and walked towards us and said "who's getting married"  me and the girl were shocked! And then the girl said no one, and the lady said that she could sense marriage or marriage talk in the air as she walked into the room.  A lot of strange stuff like that happened with her. But whatever she did I never heard those noises in the basement again. 
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