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Some very disturbing stuff. Its the most polluted river on earth and all that sh1t flows into the ocean. Dead bodies, human waste, toxic waste from factories  a billion gallons of sewage and industrial waste    and then they all run into it and start drinking and bathing 🤢

India really is a country full of contradictions. Ganga is holy and yet they poo in it and release a billion gallons of toxic discharge from factories into it everyday. Cows are holy yet India is one of the biggest exporters of beef in the world, Modi said he will spend 3 billion on cleansing the river yet 3 years on nothing has been done.  Everything in that place is a contradiction and hypocrisy 

Even in Punjab the road sides and now even the pinds are covered in rubbish, plastic bags, bottles, poo etc   the road sides have heaps of rubbish    they just pile it up and dont know what to do with it.


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