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    • Just saying check the videos out ..ūüėÖūüėÖ He's also mentioned problems occurring North¬†India, specifically North East¬†India-Pak-China borders¬†and Punjab is middle of this all.....should be wary and we need to be more than ever more devoted to Guru, Sikhi, doing our paath.. ¬†
    • The Punjabi film industry is just as bad, in the 80's and 90's it was run by drug runners and gangsters needing to launder money (some film's are still financed this way), the "casting couch" has always existed, you don't have too look far on a google search to find the stories, there's certain actors who females actress's won't work with (go look up some of the stories about Binnu Dhillon). Neeru Bajawa¬†started her career in Hindi soaps, she's spoken of being typecast and¬†producers wanting "favours", she's started her own production company because of this so she has control but she's in a position to do that because of her background and being able to financially do that, there a loads of actress's that can't and they get taken advantage off, look at all the stuff that's being going around of a certain Punjabi music video producer taking advantage of the models he hires for video shoot.
    • Howdy neighbour! ¬† It's nothing personal against Turkey or Islam/Muslims. Sikhs have always respected holy places of other religions. In East Panjab there are many villages bereft of muslims where mosques are still kept clean by the villagers, my nanke being one such village. ¬† A little history ? Yes please. The short haired ones DID take over the Golden Temple. There was muslim called massa ranghar who took over the Golden Temple. Two Sikhs killed him right there in the temple. ¬† ¬† Maharaja Ranjit Singh gifted khillats to the custodians of Badshahi Mosque on each and every Eid. It's a lie that Maharaja Sahib used this mosque for horse stables. As for the azaan, it was not banned in Lahore, but in places like Peshawar, Bannu etc. There was no real reason for doing this but only to impress on the pathans that they were no longer masters of that land. ¬† Let's go back to your previous post above. The short haired ones, Muslims, after taking over the Golden Temple used it to host dancing girls and such whilst consuming tobacco. I'm sure that Maharaja Sahib has never, and you are welcome to produce any evidence, consumed pork in any mosque, or entertained dancing girls there. ¬† ¬† ¬† Are Empires measuered on their timeline or the effect of their acheivements? My dear neighbour, the land that you call NWFP, or Suba Sarhad, is part of your country because, and only because of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. No-one else. So whilst Maharaja's empire was only a measly years in time, the effects of such an empire are still shaping the world today, 200 years later.
    • His name is Ravinder Singh from village joni, said as we say "johnny". He is from Nanaksar jatha, and has been exposing ghaghriwalas recent attacks on gurmat. Because of his village name gays like harinder of nkj have coined the name "Johnny Baba".
    • https://en.as.com/en/2020/06/06/other_sports/1591464917_093280.html https://www.easternherald.com/news/abhigya-anand-astrologer-predicts-another-catastrophe-66094/ https://www.udayavani.com/english-news/abhigya-anand-boy-who-predicted-covid-19-warns-world-of-another-severe-outbreak
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