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Can Sikhs Use Electronics?

Guest anmol

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In this state of kalyug is it a bad thing for Sikhs to use their smart phone, play video games, etc. I do my Japji Sahib every morning and am planning to learn Rehras and the other nitnem. But I want to become more spiritual and raise my level of conciousness and I have learned that things like TV etc can brain wash and distract you. I am always free every day (i only go to school 4 days a week for 1-2 hours a day) and usually in my spare time I play video games on my computer or go to the gurdwara and do langar seva. I am a pretty boring kid to be honest but I try to meditate now every day as well. let me know your thoughts on this. if i should be able to use electronics in my spare time or not? 

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you can.  in fact you should be skilled at using them. electronics can very much help you- with Gurbani, or learning other good things.  it can be a great help.   but you shouldn't be dependant or addicted to it.

entertainment is ok for relaxation.  but be disciplined.  don't over do it.  have self control.  set it to a max, like one or two hours.  

also, what kind of effect do they have on your psychology?  do they make you feel happy and alert, or angry and dull?  

do you get angry if you have to leave the games?  do you feel irritated and a rush to get back to them if you have some work to do?  do you find yourself playing them when you should be concentrating on something else.  e.g. cleaning, or doing some errand for your family?  if so, you need to cut back.

i would avoid games with violent and destructive scenarios/ visuals.

and please be sensible, e.g. don't look at your phone while you are walking on the road/ driving.  you need to be aware of what is going on around you.

games where you try and beat your own score are ok.  but games that teach you to be competitive with others may teach you bad tendencies.

also try and have some balance.  go outside, ride bike (safely, not on the road), socialise with good, studious people your own age.  read good books.  some tv is ok- there are programs like nature documentaries or business shows or different cultures.  

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