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    • Punjabi language is in a continual downward spiral. Bhangra and crappy Punjabi comedy movies aren't going to change anything. What percentage of Hindu Punjabis want to be actors or singers? Less than 1%. Go to any big Punjabi city and you will see that pretty much all Punjabi Hindus speak in Hindi. The government need to make it compulsory in all schools and fine any school which tries to ban it.
    • Don't mind me, just going on about a bit of philosophy and my own thoughts here.  In the last era (Tretajug) Mahabharat took place. All humans were meant to be 3 times big than what the average human is today (let's just assume internet stuff is true) so 18ft tall. They had amazing strength like Bhim could lift an elephant or a few could lift mountains, shoot an arrow that'll go for miles! But maybe they were told, "In Kaljug humans will be no more than 7ft tall, faithless will be leaders, cohabitation will b common, 18 years plus will become parents and average age will be 100..." They must have thought "Hang on! Won't God get angry? Faithless leaders? People deceiving and lies? A bit of prayer n seva one will obtain God? Only 100 years!" (Was 1000 bak then) "Parents at 18 only? Is that even possible? They will only be able to lift 25kg minimum and 320kg max??"  A few months ago I read predictions on Mahaparloh and I was like... "Is that even possible? A mother aged 5? Average age 20? Say Lord's name once for mukhti, heights will b 3 foot?" ONLY THING about lifting weights, I came up with this theory. Minimum weight able to lift may be in grams and max maybe about 20 or 25kg? JUST my theory. A body builder today can lift about 320kg, beginners start with 10kg and 25kg within a few months. Just like beginners will find 320kg impossible, the future dwellers in Mahaparloh may find 25kg impossible, just like we find lifting an elephant or car impossible but was easy in last jug.  Thanks for taking the time to read my opinnion,  Fateh. 
    • Never mind. they worship ganesh the hindu elephant god every year.  *Obviously sarcastic * 
    • What do u mean by width ? circumference of kachhera or just width of kachhera ? because circumference would be 2 times the width. 
    • Exactly one of ones I was looking for. Unfortunately it’s not available in Gurdwaras in Canada as it seems to be a UK based project. It was also sold only in print.    Would you mind scanning it and uploading it here for everyone to read?
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