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Support the Raggi, Pathi, Sewadar of Guru Ghar (Sikh Priest)

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Gurdwaras, besides being the place of worship for the Sikh community, have often provided food and shelter for people during times of crisis, not just in India but across the world.
This time, things are different and many gurdwaras have been forced to down size because of the lockdown.
For Sikhs and the larger Indian community, this is causing a lot of distress because they do not have access to a space where they would have gone to find peace and pray and offer services in the community kitchens.
Inspite of all this, the Raagi Singhs have been fulfilling their duties deligently and sincerely
The sewadaars had been preparing langars for distribution to Needies
But we never realised, that they, who are serving, may also need to be served
We are unaware that many of them are not getting their salaries since lockdown
The sewadaars who have sewa in their name and in their blood, who have helped all, need help today.
Let's not forget that they also have their families back in their villages. They may be getting food from langar services but there is no one to think that their families need support to survive these tough times.
Let's come forward and donate our daswandh to help these families


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